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  • My family

    My family
    Both my parents are Salvadoran nationals. I have three brothers, the oldest on my father's side, my other older brother on my mother's side and my younger brother. I am the only girl among all my siblings.
    My brother on my father's side I have never seen him, we have only made a few phone calls since he lives in the USA (Los Angeles); while my brother (lives in the USA Boston (on my mother's side, I spent all my childhood living with him, my best memories of my childhood are thanks to him.
  • My birthday

    My birthday
    I was born on October 18, 2005, in El Salvador.
    My parents were very excited as I would be their first and only child. I received a lot of love from both of them. At that time my older brother was with my parents in the car, he as well as my family and relatives were very excited.
  • My older brother.

    My older brother.
    My older brother was born on June 4th 1999, he is my mother's only son, I have never considered him my stepbrother because I have lived with him since I can remember, my mother always told me how he took care of me when I was very little and how he overprotected me; it was him who taught me how to play football and why that sport is my favourite.
    He is currently living with his father in Boston, he has been there for about 6 years I think, and he never misses a phone call a day.
  • Successful dance.

    Successful dance.
    I remember that day perfectly, more with the videos recorded by my older brother. I loved dancing, when I was about 3 or 4 years old my father would play me Mickey Jackson videos while I went upstairs to the dining room and started dancing in my nappies. My mother always made me participate in dances which I enjoyed very much.
  • A new member of the family.

    A new member of the family.
    When he was born... my parents say that I was not very happy to know that I would no longer be the youngest and the spoiled one of my parents. But after seeing him and as the days went by, that selfish thought changed. My mother tells us that when my father saw my brother for the first time, he was really white and had blond hair and he was surprised. But my brother's resemblance to my father is too much, he looked just like my paternal grandmother and that made us laugh.
  • My older brother is leaving.

    My older brother is leaving.
    For personal reasons, my older brother, with the help of his paternal grandparents who owned many mechanical businesses and a bank, took him to Boston where his father lived with his other family.
    Clearly it was very painful for us, especially for my mother, at that time my grades and my brother's grades dropped too much, my mother became ill, when she separated from her first son and we separated from our brother who helped us with everything and protected us... He is waiting for his papers.
  • Family trip.

    Family trip.
    After making all the preparations to be able to leave El Salvador, my parents decided to go to Guatemala as a birthday present for my little brother, we went to different well-known places in Guatemala, and thanks to the fact that my parents and paternal grandmother had a friend there it was a much better experience, the best thing was to see the culture that was reflected in Antigua Guatemala. And a great family trip which many of us enjoyed.
  • New life

    New life
    My parents had long planned to move to another country because of the situation in my native country.
    They were looking for many alternatives, my mother had a friend in Spain and she offered her a house and a job. At first my parents thought it was a long way off.
    After careful planning they decided to accept her help.
    In the end we came to live a better life and to be able to progress.