My life

  • Start

    I was born
  • School

    I start the school , but not very good
  • Sport

    I start my sport (Athletics)
  • Draw

    I start to draw whit 8 years (he start to interest me)
  • Increase

    I go out whit friends i play fútbol vídeogames and more..
  • My Hobby

    My Hobby
    I Begonia to be interested in computing
  • Information

    I play whit computers
  • My Dream

    My Dream
    I Know whit is my dream , my dream is desingner gfx and programmer
  • The virus

    The virus
    in this time online class trolling start, I was also awake
  • Vr experience

    Vr experience
    In this day is my birtdhay and my family give me a Vr head , testing the Vr whit my family he see epic, It seemed that you fell!