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My Life

  • My mothers Birthday

  • D.O.B 20th of February 1997

    D.O.B 20th of February 1997
    I was born at Kingaroy Hospital on the 20th/02/97 at 6:55 am. the of my birth was a hectic morning for my mother. She had to travel a distance of 45 minutes to the hopital where i was born. my Grandmother and Grandfather were driving my mum to the hospital and along the way my granddad drove across a railway line quite fast and flew over the railway and the impact of the car was so great that mum mum thought i was going to be born there and then.
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    My Life

  • My first Birthday!!

    On my first birthday i had a massive Brisbane Broncos cake that had their logo on it that mum had made with fine icing. She was then astounded to find that all her hard work did not pay off after returning from the kitchen and seeing that her cake had been all smashed up with my little fists.
  • Sister Lasharna was born

    The day my sister was born i was quite upset, as any young son would react, i reacted that way, the jealous, "Look at me!" behaviour. But as the year soon past, and my sister and i grew to love each other, I than began to accept the fact I now have a sister an not a rival within the small but groing family.
  • My sister Kwneetas' Birthday

  • had my first junior school sweet heart

    had my first junior school sweet heart
    I did not no her name but everyday of the school year we would play together during lunch times, do actuivities together during craft time and share our lunches.
  • Started Prep at The Springfield Anglican College

    Started Prep at The Springfield Anglican College
  • My mum and dads' Wedding

  • My sister Atayvias' Birthday

  • Played at Suncorp stadium

    I played for The Springfield Panthers for under 8's and we had travelled to Suncorp Stadium and had played at half time for the little league game.
  • My sister Shatequas' Birthday

  • My Mother and Fathers seperation

    This is one of the most upsettign moments within my life. On this day my father had left my mother, ever since this day i havn't spoken or seen my Dad since that day.
  • Got into BMX

    Got into BMX
    On my birthday my mum had bought me a bmx bike, i rode it to the local skate park every day after school and would go to a friends house to ride the dirt jumps that they had built. Ever since that day i have pregressed so far that now during school holidays i go on roadtrips with my sponsor LUXBMX and enjoy everymoment of it (besides the stacks).
  • Started grade 11 at St. Peter Claver

    Started grade 11 at St. Peter Claver
    I started here at SPC on the first day of this year, i had moved from my previous school which was woodcrest, i was glad i had the oppotunity to move away from woodcrest because it was such a horrible school. im glad to finish off my schooling a a really great school.
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    Picked up Sponsor

    I had been invited on a bmx roadtrip with the owners of LUXBMX store in the city. at the start i thought that i wasn't going to enjoy it because i had seen all the other riders that had also come along. On the last day the owner of the trip came up to me and asked if i would like to join the LUXBMX team and have them as a sponsor towards me. Now on every holiday of the year i go on roadtrips around Queensland and New South Wales. i Now have a goal to get more sponsors and go further in bmx.
  • Got my first sponsor

    Got my first sponsor
    I was invited on a rip with the LUXBMX store during the firsrt school holidays, i went on the trip for three days around Brisbane. We went to all the skate parks orund brisbane on each day. but on the last day I was approached by the owner of the shop and he offered me a spot on the LUXBMX team and them as my first sponsor. ever since that day i now strive to pick up more sponsors and to go further in bmx.
  • hospitalized from BMX

    hospitalized from BMX
    I was out at a mates house where he had asked me to help him build some massive Dirt jumps. We had been buildaing all day and when it came time to start jumping them it had already past 4 o'clock and we were already tired, but we still wanted to jump them, a few jumps in i was jumping them all big and thrown some good tricks. but on the last jump i was feeling weak in the arms, still going to jump them i hit the jump a bit slow and had landed on my head knocking my self out.
  • Captain of the Opens under 16 B's team