My Life

By tati46
  • I Was Born in Shelby, NC

    I Was Born in Shelby, NC
  • Home Schooled

    Home Schooled
    Before I went to DIA I was home schooled. Before my mom got pregnant with my sister she was a teacher. (my sister is older than me.
  • We Move To Dubai

    We Move To Dubai
    I was 4 and we went to the UAE
  • Back to the US

    Back to the US
    We went back settled in and my mom had a baby boy.
  • UAE Again

    UAE Again
    We stayed for a few months then my siblings didn't like the school so we came back.
  • My Bro Was Born

    My Bro Was Born
    Yes my little bro was born october first.
  • UAE's B-Day

    UAE's B-Day
    Today was the UAE birthday. It is the 40th B-Day.
  • 7 years

    7 years
    So far we have been here for 7 years. I went to the same school for 7 years. And the school is 7 years old.
  • America

    We are going to go back on the 15 for a holiday but I wish we would stay there. My grandma and grandpa live there they even have a big house with rooms for us and tv's in my room. I don't even have that in my room here.