My Life

By kri635
  • Period: to

    South Africa

    my family lived in south africa
  • i was born today

    i was born today
    am was born today
  • MY First Birthday

    the exact year after i was born
  • 2nd birthday

    my 2nd birthday
  • Period: to


    i lived in india for 2 years
  • my family goes to...

    Switzerland! unfortunetly i was only 2 so i dont remember much of it
  • My 3rd birthday

    My 3rd birthday
    The third year after i was born YAY
  • 4th Birthday

    wow 4 whole years
  • when i came to canada

    this is when i came to Canada
  • Period: to


    i am currently living in canada
  • 5th birthday

    half a decade...
  • i ride a bike

    i ride a bike
    my first time riding a bike
  • Period: to

    i wanted to be spider man

    i dreamed of being spider man
  • 6 th birthday

    j'ai six ans (I am 6)
  • 7 th birthday

    i am 7 years old
  • 8 th birthday

    WOW i am now 8
  • 9th birthday

    almost decade
  • wow

    its been a decade...
  • i leave churchill meadows

    i leave my primary school
  • when i got my dog

    when i got my dog
    i got my dog today best day ever...
  • 11

    i am 11
  • middle school

    i start middle school at rtms. At first i was bit scared but after i found that the techers where all really nice
  • i turn 12

    i turn 11
  • grade 7 starts

    yes, grade 7
  • 11/11/11

    its 11/11/11
    its hard to be happy on a day like today because its rememberance day