My life

  • Period: to

    First Two Years-Biosocial/Psychosocial/Cognitive

  • Psychosocial-Slept alot-mom had to keep checking to make sure I was still breathing.

  • Biosocial-Liked crawling more than walking-learned early to walk.

  • Psychosocial-Liked active play. Played in kitchen with pots and pans.

  • Biosocial-Didn't like texture of cement on feet and needed to wear shoes.

  • Psychococial-Had new sister born and wanted new playmate-advise she was too young to play!

  • Cognitive-Being first born my mom was overcautious to danger play. Learned quickly what could hurt.

  • Cognitive-Mom read to us daily since birth. Loved books and speaking.

  • Psychosocial-Didn't like when mom would leave-screamed.

  • Period: to

    Early Childhood-Biosocial/Psychosocial/Cognitive

  • Cognitive-Alot of pressure to keep order, be good, pushed self to do things right. Parents concerned I was acting like "little adult".

  • Biosocial-Lean and growing very tall-pants never fitted properly.

  • Psychosocial-Remember my Father being very strict and imposing rules, authoritarian household. We would get it with belt if we disobey.

  • Cognitive-Learned by having a bestfriend how to play and have fun.

  • Psychosocial-Internalized alot of anger and frustration with regiment. When got older I think I was becoming a quiet child and introvert.

  • Biosocial-I developed severe asthma and allergies. I remember getting shots and severe asthma which took me into the emergency room.

  • Period: to

    Middle Years-Biosocial/Psychosocial/Cognitive

  • Psychosocial-I became very independent. Started changing my sisters diapers at age of six and seven. New sister born. My mom said I was acting like the parent.

  • Psychosocial-We moved from St. Clair Shores to Plymouth. My Father got transferred with his job as an Engineer.

  • Cognitive-Loved going to the library to read. Remember summer reading programs that I loved.

  • Cognitive-Being the oldest, I felt it was my responsibility to watch after my sisters to set social and learning boundaries. Again, I thought I was the parent.

  • Biosocial-Changing body image-coming into early adolescence. Very tall and lean.

  • Psychosocial-Felt alot of awkardness and shyness in school until middle school. Started acting out. Thinks this was due to the onset of my fathers multiple sclerosis.

  • Biosocial-Asthma got worse and missed frequent school which I hated.

  • Period: to


  • Biosocial-I remember going through an awkward period and relying on influences from my peers and friends. Awkward until high school sophmore year.

  • Psychosocial-I remember I went from shy to defiant. I locked a teacher in the closet and had to spend three days eating with the principal. I thought it was funny, but later at looking at the situation it was dangerous.

  • Cognitive-Excelled in school and became more analytical and intuitive in thinking process. Tough transition from elementary to middle school.

  • Cognitive-Influenced by peers and encouraged to cause a teacher to get in a rage in the classroom. Used poor judgement.

  • Psychosocial-Got actively involved in student council and surrounded by friends that were considered more popular. Strived to define idenitity.

  • Cognitive-Transition from High School to College-hard and not ready to settle down and study.

  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood-Biosocial, Psychosocial, Cognitive

  • Biosocial-First real boyfriend and the "first". Very exciting and scary.

  • Cognitive-Emotionally hard time with self esteem and anger due to my Dad's multiple sclerosis.

  • Psychosocial-Met someone from Windsor, Ontario and dated for 9 years. Eventually got married and divorced with in year.

  • Biosocial-Dislocated knee in college by dancing. Set me back and had to withdraw from school and go home to recoup.

  • Psychosocial-First apartment-took a year off school. Had a crazy roomate.

  • Biosocial-Started exercising. Very concerned for body image, even though average size. Started to feel the impact of opposite sex.

  • Cognitive-Finally settled down to get serious about school and finish.

  • Psychosocial-First job out of college working for Engineering Society Detroit-love it!

  • Period: to


  • Biosocial-Not a good sense of self until 30's and better in 40's.

  • Biosocial-Weight fluctations due to aging process-had to remain physically active.

  • Biosocial-Ran first marathan in Dublin Ireland.

  • Cognitive-Feeling more confident with competencies, expertise and activities.

  • Psychosocial-Had to take care of mom who got very sick and died in 2008. Very hard emotionally.

  • Biosocial-Vision and hearing have changed in small declines.

  • Psychosocial-Had first child due to "biological time clock" running out.

  • Biosocial-Started feeling mood fluctations due to climacteric (stage prior to menopause)

  • Cognitive-Entered college for a second career-excelling and loving school.

  • Biosocial-Ran second marathon in Walt Disney World for Leukemia Society-got my sister involved which was great for her self esteem.

  • Cognitive-Finding stress and premenopause isn't good for thinking clearly.

  • Psychosocial-Passed Nursing Boards and start working at Angela Hospice.

  • Biosocial-Get daughter and family involved in training for another marathon.

  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood-Biosocial, Psychosocial, Cognitive

  • Biosocial-Feel more physical aliments in joints and general soreness-exercising daily to maintain bone mass, cardiovascular, and flexibility.

  • Biosocial-Having cataract surgery.

  • Psychosocial-Travel to Europe with daughter.

  • Cognitive-Teaching Weight Watchers and exercise class.

  • Cognitive-Find myself losing words on the "tip of my tongue". Continue to take continuing education classes and do brain exercises to keep mind sharp.

  • Psychosocial-Move into a retirement village---absolutely love having own home but a wide circle of friends with many activities.

  • Psychosocial-Birth of first granddaughter-very excited.

  • Biosocial-Start having vision impairments and hearing not as good-got hearing aids.

  • Psychosocial-Became a widowed-very sad-but strong network of friends.

  • Cognitive-I love telling stories of "yesterday". Easily remembered over new information learned.

  • Biosocial-I feel that my body is slowing down. Still walk 1 mile a day-even though it takes me as twice as long.

  • Period: to

    Epilogue-Biosocial, Psychosocial, Cognitive

  • Biosocial- I started not to feel well-not hungry.

  • Psychosocial-I can't explain why-but I felt my time was soon-I was awaiting my transition to God. I called my family and told them I loved them.

  • Cognitive-I knew my mental capacities have diminished and I was ready to be with God.

  • Period: to


  • Death-Passed in my sleep.