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My Journey From Argentina to Brazil

  • My Flight To Argentina

    My Flight To Argentina
    My flight to Houston leaves at 10:50 AM and arrive at about 12:12 PM. I will than fly from Houston to Argentina at 9:00 PM that night and arrive at 10:20 AM in Argentina on May 10. The cost of this flight is $1416. ($4,000-$1,416=$2,584 remaining).
  • Period: to

    My Trip To Argentina and Brazil!

    In the next eight days I will travel in Argentina and some of Brazil.
  • Arrive in Argentina

    Arrive in Argentina
    I arrive in Argentina at 10:20 AM. I will stay with my friends who live there, Gabriel and Cabrina Cormack. :)
  • Soccer Game!

    Soccer Game!
    I will go to an Argentine soccer game, the apporximate cost is $60 or 214.8 pesos. This will last for 3 hours.
  • Dinner :)

    Dinner :)
    Today my friends the Cormacks and I will go eat fine Argentine food for the day! They eat lots of delicious meat in Argentina! Average cost: $173 or 619.34 pesos.
  • Fly to Iguazu!

    Fly to Iguazu!
    I will leave Buenos Aires, Argentina at 10:05 AM and arrive in Iguazu, Argentina at 11:50 AM. I will check into Aeropargue J. Newbery (my hotel) at 12:00 PM. Cost $590.95 for a round trip back to Buenos Aires and hotel. ($2,584-$590.5=$1993.5 reaming)
  • Check into Aeropargue J. Newbery

    Check into Aeropargue J. Newbery
    I will check into my hotel Aeropargue J. Newbery at 12:00 PM on March 14th, and check out at 12:00 PM on March 16th. The cost for my Iguazu Falls flight and hotel is $590.95.
  • Visit the Falls!

    Visit the Falls!
    I will go and visit the Falls in Iguazu Falls, this will cost around $52 or 186.16 pesos. :) This will last all day, I will explore and take a boat ride around the falls.
  • Back to Buenos Aires!

    Back to Buenos Aires!
    I will fly back from Iguazu Falls to Buenos Aires so I can return home. I will leave Iguazu Falls at 10:10 PM and arrive at 11:59 PM back in Buenos Aires.
  • Going home!

    Going home!
    I will fly home from Buenos Aires, Argentina into Oklahoma City. My flight will leave Buenos Aires at 6:47 AM and arrive in Oklahoma City at 10:29 PM. Two connections in San Jose, Costa Rica and Houston, TX. Flight number 624 (Lacsa) to flight number 1447 (Continental) and lastly to flight number 1704 (Continental.) ($1993.5-$1637=$356.4 remaining)