My goals

Timeline created by talayeh
  • Graduating high school

    I have no official plan after high school
  • What's next?

    Now I have to start thinking what's next, I have multiple ideas I want to be a therapist, a tattoo artist, bar tender, and open my own salon
  • Become a bartender

    One of my close friends and I have already planned on moving out and moving to PA to start fresh at age 20. I want to become a bartender for the experience, I think it would be a good way to meet a variety of people.
  • Tattoo apprenticeship

    I was thinking while I'm waiting to turn 21 to become a bartender i could begin my apprenticeship which I have to do for 3 years before becoming an tattoo artist.
  • Living life

    At this point i should be a new tattoo artist by day and a bartender by night
  • Begin looking for colleges/training programs

    From saving money from bartending and being a tattoo artist I will enroll into college or program to become an high school therapist
  • Going to college

    Once I find the right college for me and what I'm looking for will start to complete my bachelors degree in psychology
  • Becoming a high school therapist

    After earning my bachelors degree I will start looking at schools to become a therapist in
  • opening an salon

    while being a school therapist will start saving once again, so I can start my own business
  • creating something new

    At this point my business should be up and running and I want to create a nail solon/tattoo shop
  • retire

    by now i should have a big happy family and be ready for retirement.