My Future

  • Start off basic and slow

    I am recycling botols, tins, paper and plastic. I will start of slow and basic and build up in the future.
  • Period: to

    My Futurre

  • Start doing more eco things that have bigger impact.

    Start a small eco campaign and advertise it around my neighberhood. I will also start conserving electricity and water. Besides that, I will buy more local foods instead of importing them from other countries.
  • Get eco aplliances when I get my house

    Buy an eco car and eco home appliances. I will also cut down on using my ac instead I will open my windows toget fresh flow air.
  • Get my small eco campaign and change it into a big eco business.

    Advertise eco appliances, make little campaigns all over the country or maybe even the world. Have advertisments to catch peoples eye and maybe even have short shows at carnivals or any public places.
  • End my eco days

    Live happily and ecoly.