My family tree

  • Married

    My Grandma from my mom side got married at twelve around the 1950's
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  • Leaving my dad behind

    My grandpa from my dads side immigrated to the u.s in around 1966 my dad was about three/four. My grandpa had to immigrate with half of the family he took the youngest my dad was however not one of the "youngest" so he had to stay there.
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  • Love

    My mom met my dad beause of her cousins.
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  • My Grandma

    My Grandma immigrated to the U.S.
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  • leaving

    My dads came to the U.S. to get money to go back to Mexico get my mom and sister to bring them to the U.S.
  • Immigration

    My mom, dad and older sister immigrated to the U.S.