My Family Timeline by Christopher Voskericyan

  • Great Grandfather

    My Great Grandfather was born in Erzurum Turkey. He was a survivor of the Armenian Genocide. The date is not exact, but the year is.
  • My Great Grandfather gets married in a hospital

    I dont know the exact date but the year is approximately right. Three years after the Genocide.
  • Grandfather

    My Grandfather was born. He was born in Istanbul Turkey.
  • Grandmother

    My Grandmother was born. Also in Istanbul Turkey
  • My dad is born

    My Dad was born in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Mom

    My mom was born, in the Dominican Rebublic
  • My dad an grandparents move to the US

    In the year of 1974 -1976, my dad moved to the US. It was very new to him. When he came, he did not know one word of English so as my grandparents. It was very hard for them. My dad then learns English and my grandparents then learn English eventually.
  • My dad introduces to my mom

    My dad moves to the Dominican Republic IN 1995, and meets my mom. They got married and had my sisters and I. Then later, we started to plan to move to the US, but that didnt happen until 2011, last year.
  • Nicolette Voskericyan (older sister) was born

    My older sister was born. As you may see, she was born in Halloween.
  • Me

    I was born. YAY!
  • Melissa Voskericyan is born

    My sister is born in the Dominican Republic
  • We move to the USA past July

    We pack up, and we move here to California. Life was different because of school, language, education, etc.
  • Life in the US

    So far, I like the U.S., but I miss my old friends, and the times we spent together, but now i have new friends that make me feel happy.