My existence through technoligical bounds.

  • Period: to

    The growing letters

    My parents joined World Wide Marriage encounter. As part of the program, they write a letter to eachother every day. Because of it, their marriage is thriving and better than they ever imagined. After 39 years, they are still completely head over heels for one another
  • I made my escape from the womb

    I made my escape from the womb
    I was born close to six weeks early. I was only four pounds and my nervous and respitory systems were underdeveloped. I owe my life to technology, doctor's determination, my parent's love, and the grace of God.
  • This machine literally saved my life

    This machine literally saved my life
    Thanks to this machine, I lived and my parents took me home for the first time.
  • My sister's yelling.

    My sister's yelling.
    I can distictly remember my sister thinking she was so popular that every phone call that came to the house must be for her. Of course it never was, but as soon as the phone rang, she would scream "I"VE GOT IT!" and beat the crap out of anyone else that might lay their hand on the phone before her.
  • oh yes, the bag phone.

    oh yes, the bag phone.
    My dad that he was the coolest person in town for having one of these. And he would talk on it all the time, with the windows down, as loud as he could. Talk about embaressing.
  • Dial up... it sucks

    Dial up... it sucks
    Dial up, the bane of my existence. My mother was doing her masters at the time and was constantly online. We all sacrificed to pay the bill for all her minutes. The bill was outrageous. And people complain now! Bah on them.
  • Technology almost kills my father

    Technology almost kills my father
    My father is a firefighter. Normally technology protects him, airmasks, oxygen, all that stuff. Except for when it fails, it's pretty bad. During a fire, it all failed. For the next few days, we waited out the carbon monoxide poisioning. The technology failure put him in the situation, but it couldn't help him out of it.
  • The AOL disk

    The AOL disk
    I use these as coasters now. My parents hang them in the garden to scare the deer away from eating our peaches.
  • The Rage in phones

    The Rage in phones
    My boyfriend had this phone. Everyone wanted one. I never got one and I'm really okay with it.
  • I'm up, you're up!

    I'm up, you're up!
    My oldest brother was station in Japan for four years. Of course, skype didn't exist at the time, so we called when we could. My family was the only one I knew of that had an international calling plan. He loved calling me when it was four inthe morning here. He would simply say "i'm up, you're up". It became a game. And I would do it back to him.
  • The reverse

    The reverse
    The younger of my older brothers, (got it, okay) completed officer candidate school. The entire time, he got a phone call a week which went to his girlfriend, now wife. So we all wrote letters to him, not emails, letters.
  • The Riddle

    The Riddle
    I visited Dodd and Alex on Spring Break one year. They both attended Riddle. Alex was my roommate's brother. They showed me the school and I fell in love with it. We are all still really good friends. Dodd teaches here now.
  • My first launch

    My first launch
    My roommate brought me down to Flordia on spring break. I saw my first space launch. I was hooked. We also flew down on an airline that was bright orange and only survived for about a year. The tickets to fly us both round trip were only 100.00 Maybe that's why they died out so fast.
  • These girls were addicted

    These girls were addicted
    These were my college roommates and they were addicted to facebook. I had actually managed to avoid it for about a year after it came out, and then I crumbled.
  • The Hadron Collider opened

    The Hadron Collider opened
    This was an incrediable achievement and news spread far and wide for the world. My hope was that, through this kind of technology, my generation would have something to contribute fo the world.
  • The Director

    The Director
    My sophomore year of college, I met Jacob. Creative and brilliant, he introduced me to photography and film. We've been good friends since. I send him pictures to photoshop and he sends me his film cuts to edit. (for grammer and stuff like that)
  • Skype, the long distance relationship

    Skype, the long distance relationship
    For a year, my boyfriend and I had only one main way of communicating. We were always both in class, so calls and texting were out. But late at night, we could skype. It kept us going... until it didn't. Technology helped bridge the distance, but it wasn't the same connection.
  • My Godson is born.

    My Godson is born.
    My sister in law was passed out. My brother had flown from Iraq for the birth and was passed out on the couch. I held Connor for hours until his parents recovered from the sleep coma. Now, speaker phone is the main way I talk to him. He's two now and loves talking on the phone.
  • The Seahorse Reunion

    The Seahorse Reunion
    My grandfather skippered the USS Seahorse, a rejuvinated pt boat used for seascouts. We organized a reunion of all the children that had been on the boat, all the people whose lives had been made better by knowing my grandfather. It was all done through facebook connections.