My Career Path

  • Period: to

    High School

    During this time I will look into taking classes that could help me jump start my college career.
  • Take PSAT

    I need to take the PSAT to prepare for the SAT my junior year. This will help me know what is on the test.
  • College Visits

    I will be visiting University of Denver sometime in June. This is my first college choice.
  • College Applications

  • SAT and ACT Tests

  • Apply For Scholarships

  • Take Buisness Oriented Classes

  • Mock Trial

  • Teen Court

  • Travel to South America

  • Take Buisness Oriented Classes

  • Go to College For Undergraduate

  • Period: to

    Undergradutate School

    I will be taking all of the general classes for undergratuade school. I also want to travel during this time.
  • Travel to Australia

  • Take LSAT

  • Graduate From College

  • Travel to Europe

  • Internship at a Law Firm or Other Volunteer Work With Law

  • Start Graduate School

  • Study Abroad

  • Period: to

    Law School

    During the three years at law school, I will be taking law classes and also the Bar exam, which will let me practice law legally.
  • Start Sending in Resumes

  • Take The Bar Exam

  • Graduate From Law School

  • Period: to


    For the rest of my career I want to eventually own my own law practice, but at first I may start out working at a different law firm.
  • Have a Job at a Law Firm or Start My Own Law Practice