Muslim Empires and Dynasties: First Period

  • Mar 6, 632

    Muhammad's death

  • Period: Mar 6, 632 to Mar 6, 661

    The Rightly Guided Caliphs

    Abu Bakr: 632-634
    Umar: 634-644
    Uthman: 644-656
    Ali: 656-661
  • Mar 6, 661

    First Umayyad Caliph

  • Period: Mar 6, 661 to Mar 6, 750

    Umayyad Caliphs

    Ruled from Damascus, Syria
    Conquered North Africa, Spain, some of India
    *Arabs called Christians and Jews people of the book
  • Period: Mar 6, 750 to Mar 6, 1258

    Abbasid Dynasty

    Abu al-Abbas: descendant of Muhammad's uncle
    devoted their energies to trade, scholarship, and the arts
    Moved the capitol to Baghdad; saw increase in trade
    Lots of Persian influences
  • Mar 6, 1055

    Seljuk Turk Conquer Bagdhad

    Let Abbasid Caliph rule, took over the governmetn and the military
    Seljuk ruler called himself Sultan
  • Period: Mar 6, 1055 to Mar 6, 1258

    Seljuk Turks dynasty

    1055: take over Baghdad
    Were hired as soldiers
    were in charge of the military and the government
    allowed the Abbasids to rule as Caliph
  • Mar 6, 1258

    Mongols ransacked Bagdhad

    Ended Abbasid, Seljuk, and Arab empires
  • Period: Mar 6, 1300 to Mar 6, 1400

    Sufi Expansion

    West African city of Timbuktu became a leading center of Muslim trading
    Sufis: spent their time praying and teaching Islam
  • Mar 6, 1453

    Fall of the Byzantine Empire

    Ottomans conquer Constantinople, change the name to Istanbul
  • Period: Mar 6, 1453 to

    Ottoman Dynasty

    The Ottomans rule until the end of World War I
    During the 1200s, group of Turks from Asia Minor began empire
    used guns and cannons, built navy
    Conquered Syria, Palestine, Mesopatamia, Arabia, and parts of North Africa
    Suleiman I was the greatest leader
  • Period: Mar 6, 1500 to

    Mogul Dynasty

    Came from mountains North of India, used gunpowder, elephants, horses
    Founded by Babur, the dynasty's greatest ruler was Akbar
    Brought peace and order
    Was tolerant of all cultures
    People could practice their own faiths
    He ruled fairly and treated diverse communities with respect
  • Mar 6, 1526

    Delhi center of Mogul Empire