Muslim American Civil Rights

  • Muslims come to America

    An increase in Muslims imigrate to the USA
  • Period: to

    Muslims In America

  • Elijah Muhammad founds the Nation of Islam

    An Islamic leader asking African Americans to try Islam
  • Malcolm X is assassinated in New York City rejecting the anti- white philosophy of Elijah Muhammad

    An African American civil Rights leader
  • Khaalis, a Muslim seizes three buildings in Washington, D.C. holding hostages

    A less famous terrorsit attack long before it was a known issue
  • The first Islamic library in the United States

    A library created for the Muslims of America
  • The American Muslim Council established

    An organization created to protect rights of Muslim Americans
  • Imam Siraj Wahhaj, first Muslim cleric delivers opening prayer for house of representitves

    America shows freedom of religion by haveing an islamic prayer, not christian
  • World Trade Center garage attaked with bombs. Muslim men were identified as attackers.

    The first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center
  • 9/11 world trade centers collapse from air attack

    One of the Worst attacks on American soul carried out by Muslims from another country sparking fear of terrorism and Civil rights issues for Muslim Americans