Mughal empire

Timeline created by Zainab Nasir
  • 1504

    Babur captures Kabul

    Babur captures Kabul, making it and eastern Afghanistan the first possession of the Mughal empire
  • 1526

    Battle of Panipat

    In a battle at Panipat Babur defeats the sultan of Delhi, launching the Mughal empire in India
  • 1527

    Victory at Khanua

    Victory at Khanua, over a Hindu confederation of Rajput rulers, brings Babur a tenuous control over most of northwest India
  • 1543

    Humayun driven west into Afghanistan

    Humayun, driven west into Afghanistan by Sher Shah, loses his family's new inheritance in India
  • 1555

    Humayun's victory

    Civil war within India enables Humayun to win a battle at Sirhind and recover the Mughal throne
  • 1571

    Akbar builds a palace

    Akbar builds his new palace of Fatehpur Sikri close to the shrine of a Sufi saint
  • 1573

    Humayun's tomb characterizes his dynasty's architecture

    The tomb in Delhi of the Mughal emperor Humayun introduces the shape of dome which characterizes his dynasty's architecture
  • The arrival of the british embassador

    Sir Thomas Roe, the first British ambassador to India, arrives at the court of the Mughal emperor Jahangir
  • The perfection in the reign of Jahangir

    The Mughal school of painting reaches a peak of perfection in the reign of Jahangir
  • Shah Jahan's order