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  • Apr 21, 1526

    Battle Of Panipat

    Battle Of Panipat
    The battle of panipat was the rise of the mughal empire. Babur, a Central Asian ruler defeated Ibrahim Lodhi, ruler of the lodhi dynasty
  • Jan 5, 1531

    Humayun succeeds with difficulty

    Humayun succeeds with difficulty
    After the death of Babur the empire had difficulty for the next ruler. The people tried to put an uncle of Humayun as a ruler but after some difficulties Humayun succeeded as the next ruler of the sub-continent
  • 1540

    Sher Shah Suri

    Sher Shah Suri
    Sher Shah Suri drived out Humayun from the country and took holdonto his power but after sometime he went down and Mumayun takes his power back
  • Jan 27, 1556

    Akbar the Great

    Akbar the Great
    Akbar, Humayuns son became the next ruler after his fathers death. He was a strong and brave ruler and he comes and takes control of great power
  • Jahngir Revlots Against Akbar

    Jahngir Revlots Against Akbar
    Although Jahangir was to become the next ruler after Akbar, he was so impatient that he revolts against Akbar to become the ruler immediately
  • Shah Jahan

    Shah Jahan
    Shah Jahan was the third son of Jahangir and he was into construction and that time period beautiful buildings wee constructed
  • Constuction of the Taj Mahal

    Constuction of the Taj Mahal
    In the time period of Shah Jahan, The construction of Taj Mahal started . Shah Jahan built this for his love of his dead wife.. His wife died and he put the grave of her in Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal is one of the biggest historical site and people around the world come to see this beautifully constructed building in India
  • Dara Shikoh becomes regent

    Dara Shikoh becomes regent
    shah Jahan gets sick and his eldest son, Dara Shikoh becomes regent for him but due to his liberal politica, Aurangzeb, youngest son of Shah Jahan tries to over power him.
  • Aurangzeb

    Aurangzeb defeated Dara Shikoh and executed him. Although Shah Jahan felt better, Aurangzeb imprisoned him. He was a religious ruler and went on expanding his empire. All the religious laws made the kingdom annoy and this marks the beginning of the down fall of the Mughal Empire.
  • Bahadur Shah zafar

    Bahadur Shah zafar
    bahadur Shah Zafar was the last Mughal ruler. In his time Britishers started trading with India. bahadur Shah Zafar lead a revolt against them but the empire was pretty weak at that time and the Britishers took the advantage and the revolt was a failure and the Mughal empire ended after 300 years of ruling