Rise and Fall of the Mughal Empire - political themes

  • 1523

    Invasion of India- war

    Zahir al-Din Muhammad (Babur the Tiger), Chagatai Turk, invades northern India for plunder
  • 1524

    More areas claimed-war

    Babur and his soldiers claim more territories in India, he is given an advantage by gunpowder technology
  • 1526

    Dynasty Founded- political/cultural

    By Babur the Tiger
  • 1556

    Akbar becomes ruler- politics

    Akbar, the grandson of Babur, becomes the leader of the Moghul empire
  • 1562

    Akbar earns respect of the people- politics/war

    The people now fear and respect him after he defenestrated Adham Khan twice
  • 1565

    Akbar destroys Vijayanagar- religion/war

    Akbar destroys the Hindu kingdom of Vijayanagar
  • 1570

    Centralized government- economics/politics

    Akbar slowly turns the government more centralized so he has more power
  • Akbar dies- political

    Dysterney kills Akbar and left the empire to Aurangzeb
  • Auragzeb's rule ends- political

    Aurangzeb, who was very hostile towards Hinduism, dies
  • Mughal Empire falls- political

    The empire falls to the British Raj.