Miss Peregrine's Home For Pecular Children by Ransom Riggs Fic 352 Pages

  • Chapter 1 Pages 1-33

    The main character Jacob has been listening to his grandfather Abe Portman's stories for years.The stories about how his grandfather escaped the war but with more imagination. One day after school Jacob tells him that he doesn't believe his stories anymore. Later on Abe dies in a hysterical way of which Jacob believes he sees one of the "monsters" from his grandpa's stories.
  • Chapter 2, pages 35-64

    Jacob has to see a therapyst beccause he was the only one to have seen the "monster". Cleaning out his grandfather's house he finds a letter from his grandpa's past and wants to travel to where it is from. His therapyst lets him go because he feels it might help Jakob get rid of the horrible last image of his grandfather.
  • Chapter 3, Pages 66-81

    Jacob arrives at the Island from where the letter was sent. Bit by bit people tell him facts about the past but soon two kids lead him to the house of which his grandpa stayed during the war. He is ditched and on his own find nothing but garbage and mold everywhere. He knows no one lives here anymore and feels far from getting answers.
  • Chapter 4, Pages 83-100

    When Jacob gets back from the house of Miss Peregrine, His dad tells him how he thinks that Abe was cheating on his wife but Jacob doesn't believe him. Later Jacob goes to the museum and goes to the curator's father to learn more about Abe. Although all he mentioned was how everyone died except for one.. Abe.
  • Chapter 5, Pages 101-139

    Jacob went to Peregrine's house to find more information. He found a chest and dropped it a flight of stairs to open it. While looking at it's contents(pictures) he somehow became in the loop! He went to September 3, 1940. And met some of the children.
  • Chapter 6, Pages 139-177

    Jacob sees everyone is alive in this loop and everything is renewed all though the days are just September 3 over and over. He also found out that his grandfathers stories were true and everyone could do what Abe said. He couldn't tell the children that his grandfather died. jacob saw what most of the pecular children could do also.
  • Chapter 9, Pages 203-241

    Jacob and Miss Peregrine has a disscusion about how he can't talk about the future to the children.Later, he met Enoch who can transfer hearts to make objects come to life. He shows Jacob Victor and how he died. Hiding from Miss Peregrine he found Emma's room and went through letters between his grandpa and her. Emma and Jake sneak out and kiss, and talk about a lot. Jacob's Grandpa is pecular, so is Jacob becausse they can see monsters.
  • Chapter 8, Pages 177-202

    The children put on play to show their pecularness. Jacob had a great afternoon with Emma taking her picture and flirting. Arriving home, Jacob was accused of killing sheep but they decided it was Worm, a naughty child.
  • Chapter 10 Pages 266-296

    Jacob is deciding whether to stay in the loop or to return to America.With Martin being murdered, both normal and the peculiar were in danger depending on how he died. Emma, Jacob, Martin, and Enoch decide to go wake Martin up to ask him how he died. The wight had killed Martin. The wight had also been Jacobs therapyst, bus driver, the yard man, and more. He wants help but Jacob won't give it to him so he tries to kill them but with Bronwyn's power she fights him.
  • Chapter 10 Pages 317-329

    the peculiar children go to save thier birds. Emma and Jacob go to the light house where he is and trap him and shoot him over the windowseal after he had thrown the birds out the window. They rush into they ocean when they try to save them but a sub,arine emerges with more wights. They can only save Miss Peregrines but Miss Avrocot is loong gone. Miss Peregrine can't change back to human.
  • Chapter 10 Pages 296-316

    Bronwyn, Enoch, Martin, Emma, and Jacob all run off in different directions to misguide the Wight. Emma and Jacob hide in a sheep shack full of their discards. Thinking the stench might throw the wight off track but he started to kill the sheep. Jacob ran out to go to the chamber but thw wight cought him almost until Jacob killed him. When they got back home they had found the wight had taken miss Peregrine and miss avrocot so most of the pecular go to save the birds.
  • Chapter 11 Pages 331-348

    The peculiar children are determined to go and stop the wights from their big plan before they do it. They decide to travel there but its hard because they are in a different loop and time. Before leaving Jacob tells his father and writes him a letter about how the peculiar children are real and how he wont be returning to America for awhile.