Middle Ages

  • Period: 500 to Nov 8, 1500

    middle ages

  • Nov 8, 751

    Carolingian Rulers

    Pepin the short left a great empire to his son Charles. He had the most succesful empire since the collapase of Rome. Charles opened a palace school and encourage monks to maintain history of whats left of rome.
  • Nov 13, 1000


    800-1000 romanesque Style round arches, heavy roof, thick walland tiny window.This was a new movement towards Gothic Style
  • Nov 13, 1096

    The Crusade

    Pope Urban II got a letter from Byzntine emperer asking for help to stopthe Turks from attacking. This war was called "The Holy War" and they were fight to regain the controll of Jeruslalem. this lasted from 1096-1204
  • Nov 13, 1300

    the Great Schism

    King Phillip IV went against the power of the pope Boniface and Created his own pope in the french city of Avignon. Each pope declear one of them were fake and split schism in the church. this ended in 1417 with The Holy Roman Emperor and they made one pope
  • Jan 1, 1347

    The Black Death

    the black death was cause by flea that were on rats which would cause sickness in people and they died. the army would use the bodies as weapon as bacterial warfare. Cause 25,000,000 deaths
  • Jun 9, 1381

    The Peasants Revolt

    when 1/3 of Europe had died it labor has be harder to come by. England attempted to colllect poll taxes to fund the war the peasent refuse and this lead to the Revolt by the peasant villages
  • Vikings

    Viking started to raid cities and villages plundering and looting them. They came from Scandinavia.
  • Feudalism largest raid

    the largest raid were between 850 and 950 A.D andthe effect of barbarian attacks for a defense for nobility and peasents
  • The Refrom Begins

    founding of Benedictine monastery at Cluny, France. MOnks followed Benedictine strict rules and by the 1000 thier were 300 housed under clunky rules
  • The Tang Dynasty

    Tang taizong Armies reconqured northern and western lands and they expanded roads and canals to help bring the empire together. they also reopend the silk road and lowerd taxes and took land from the wealthy for the peasents. this ended on 907