Mesoamerica Civilizations

  • Period: 4000 BCE to 3200 BCE

    Sumerian (Uruk)

  • Period: 3100 BCE to 332 BCE

    First Egyptian Dynasties

    Egypt's 30 dynasties. Ancient Egypt's history has traditionally been divided into 30 (or sometimes 31) dynasties.
  • Period: 1900 BCE to 1350 BCE

    China (Erlitou Culture)

    The Erlitou Culture of the central plains of Northern China was the first state-level society in China.
  • Period: 1800 BCE to 250 BCE


    Mesoamerica created 1000 BCE, it started on "La Villa" and "San Lorenzo", Izapa was a small state.
    The first pyramid was 23 meters.
  • Period: 1400 BCE to 400 BCE


    The first mesoamerica civilization was Olmec, they lived near the Gulf of Mexico, near the water.
    Olmec lived near Coatzacolos River from 1200 to 500 BCE.
  • Period: 925 BCE to 1530

    Post Classic

  • Period: 900 BCE to 900 BCE

    La Blanca mount

    La Blanca mount was the earliest pyramid temples dated around 900 BC.
  • Period: 900 BCE to 400 BCE

    La Venta

    La Venta was the most important ceremonial and population center and main archaeological site of the Olmec culture.
  • Period: 700 BCE to 100 BCE

    Middle preclassic cities

    Near Chiapas area and Oaxaca, these were small settlements under 40 hectares.
    The biggest population was in San Lorenzo, Veracruz.
    Economical development was 1200 BC.
  • Period: 700 BCE to 100 BCE

    Mesoamerica urbanization

    Key process in urbanization were aggregation of diverse groups, negotiation of property rights, social roles, identity.
    Contruction of new identities and connections.
  • Period: 700 BCE to 100 BCE

    Mesoamerica middle preclassic

    Why the middle preclassic was the watershed?
    Population growth, economic intensification, attractive huisances (monumentality), more connections and interactions.
    The middle preclassic population boom
    Pacific Guatemala, basin of Mexico, valley of Guatemala, Oaxaca.
  • Period: 250 BCE to 925 BCE


    Classic Period Mesoamerica Cities:
    Chichen Itza
    Monte Alban
    The population of Cuicuilco was around 20000 people, from 150 BCE to 200 CE was mass migration from Cuicuilco, city was build august 12 around april 24.
  • Period: 100 BCE to 750


    Tehotihuacan was one of the greatest cities of Mesoamerica, there are many pyramids like the pyramid of the sun, the pyramid of the moon and the Quetzalcóatl temple.
    Tehotihuacan means "Ciudad de los dioses" (City of the gods)
    Mesoamerican civilizations used to believe in many gods.
    They haved a god for everything.
    It was pre-industrial city of ancient world, it was a farming community, there wher 2 lakes in Teotihuacan: Lake Texoco and Xochimilco, the population was 1000000 people.
  • Period: 250 to 1100


    Mayan lived from the southern part of Mexico to Guatemala and Honduras, they developed maths, language and astronomy.
    Cocobins was a currency for Mayas.
    Was around circa 1000BCE, cities where mayas lived was La Venta and San Lorenzo, Izapa was the capital of mayan civilization.
  • Period: 1325 to 1519


    The Aztec civilization is known for being the last of the great Mesoamerican cultures before the Europeans arrived.
    They lived on the city of Tenochtitlan.
  • Period: 1519 to

    The conquest

    The conquest of Mexico by Spaniards started on 1519, the conquest of the Aztec Civilization.