Meredith & Markie Middle East

  • Jewish Claims to Palestine

    Britain recieved the league of nations mandate over Palestine. Jewish movement to homeland.
  • Jewish Claims to Palestine

    Over 500,000 Jews migratred to Palestine. Built buildings, education, cities and health standards.
  • Arab Opposition and a New British Policy

    Briatin limited Jews imigration to Palestine. Britain was violating Balfour Declaration
  • Continued Arab Hostility

    Arab league founded. Boycott against Israel and Western companies that were trading or doing business with Israel.
  • Palestine and UN

    Isreal proclaimed independence
    Israeli republic is a modern state
  • Isreal War for Independence

    War for independence
  • OPEC

    OPEC formed
    Including non Arab and 7 Arab states dominated by Arab nations purpose to increase oil revenues
  • Arab and Israeli War

    Arab and Israeli War
  • Lebanan's Civil War

    Lebanan's Civil War
    Fought against Lebanese Christians then against Lebanese Muslims,formerly their allies.
  • Israeli/Egyptian Peace Treaty

    Israeli/Egyptian Peace Treaty
    Contained provisions of Israel to buy oil from Sinai fields
  • Syrian/Soviet Treaty

    Syrian/Soviet Treaty
  • The Iran/Iraq War

    Iran/Iraq War
  • Israel's Invasion

    Israel's Invasion
    Lebanon came involved and Serian troops battled on Lebanese. Israel bombed Lebanese capitol
  • Suicide Bombings

    Suicide Bombings
  • Israeli Withdrawal

    Israeli withdrawal
    Israel withdrew its forces keeping a "security zone" in Lebanon
  • Palestine as an Independant State

    Palestine as an independent "state"
  • America Talks With PLO

    America Talks With PLO
    Involved Israel and Palestine proposing a peace plan to renounce terrorism
  • New Constitution

    New constitution
  • Persian Gulf War

    Persian Gulf War
    After Iraq won the war the US and Soviet Union had Middle East peace talks between Isral and Arab neighbors
  • Israeli/PLO Accord

    Israeli/PLO Accord
  • Pact Between Israel and Jordan

    Pact between Israel and Jordan
    Jordan became second Arab nation and ended its war with Israel. Three months later Jordan and Israel signed a peace accord