MeGaNs personal timline

  • birthday

    i was born on this day
  • when my sis was holding me

    i was calm when my bro was holding me but when my sis did i started to cry so hard
  • found out i was going to have another bro

    my dad and my ex step mom told me and my sis and bro that she was pregnet with my younger bro
  • my 6th birthday

    i had my 6th birthday at the lynden skait way
  • first cat

    i got my first cat we named him marlen
  • my grampa moving

    my grampa moved to arozona because he didnt like the rain here in washington
  • moving

    i moved to bellingham from the mts
  • going to football game

    all of my family from my dads side went to a football game in seattle