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Me and My History

By krb1001
  • A Thanksgiving Special

    A Thanksgiving Special
    I was born to Laketta Brown, Jermaine Garrett, and my older sister Kiara Brown
  • First Day of Kindergarden

    First Day of Kindergarden
  • Take away the comfort zone

    Take away the comfort zone
    My first day in public school
  • Oh the terror

    Oh the terror
    Terrist attack the twin towers
  • Bringing new life

    Bringing new life
    My little sister Kela was born
  • I do

    I do
    My mother and step father got married
  • New Bundle of Joy

    New Bundle of Joy
    My little sister Leah Ray was born
  • Change for the worst

    Change for the worst
    West End High in Birmingham, Alabama consolidates with A.H.Parker High, Jackson-Olin High, and Wenonah High.
  • My High School Graduation

    My High School Graduation