Matracia Berg

  • My birthday

    My birthday is March 2.
  • Kidengarden Graduation

    I graduated kidengarden in 2000.
  • Moved

    Moved to Ashton and went to school in Loup City.
  • Mom and Dad divorce

    mom and dad got a divorce
  • moved to Ravenna

    Moved to Ravenna and went to school until 4th grade.
  • Redneck Four wheeling

    First time I went redneck four wheeling with my brother
  • Car accident

    Car accident with a friend going to a softball
  • Concert

    Went to see Korn with my not for sure what day
  • Kellie Pickler

    Went to see Kellie Pickler with a group of friends
  • Got a new car

    I bought a pick up on my birthday for my 16th birthday
  • Got a job

    Started my job during the summer.
  • Got another car

    I bought another car
  • Mom's Wedding

    My mom is getting married and I am going to be a bridesmade
  • Graduate High School

    I will graduate some day in May.
  • Period: to

    College Life

    Go to college for 4 years
  • Period: to

    Find job and find a home

    Find a job and a house
  • Period: to

    Save money

    Save money
  • Period: to

    Get married

    maybe get married
  • Find a bigger house

    Find a bigger hosue
  • Start a Family

    Move to bigger house and family
  • Work to support your family

    find a job to support a family
  • Down Size

    Down size house