Market Blues

  • Chapter 9

    Chapter 9
    Sudennly Sam closed his eyes for a second and some guy wakes him up, all scraggy His name was Flea. Sam notied he wasnt in the market carkpark anymore, he was in a graveyard. Flea wanted sam to go to a boy named boots to show him his trumpet, Boots was a papper boy. Sam asked for one and realised he was stuck in 1900.
  • Chapter 10

    Sam met boots and said they were going off to the vic markets and Flea and Boots thought that Sam was Amercain.
  • Chapter 12

    Chapter 12
    He met a girl called Gertie McPhee and her siblings, He stays with their family for the afternoon to baby sit. Sam saves Roy and is then called a hero. Gertie told Sam to come visit her when he finds his trumpet.
  • Chapter 11

    Sam went to the vic markets with Flea and Boots but they went off. Sam walked into a shop and met a mean guy and the guy was curouis off where he got his trumpet from So the guy offered to show Sam around and they guy stoll his trumpet then Sam relised he needed to get back to where he was from and thought if he went back to the grave yard where he was found, he could try and find a way back but he needed his Trumpet.
  • Chapter 13

    Sam goes to china town to try and find his trumpetthen runs into flea and boots along with spud and he found out that supd didnt steal his trupmet it was curly then they agree to help him find curly.
  • Chapter 14

    They found curly in a thearte and curly got thrown out and his sister had the trumpet.
  • Chapter 15

    Sam shot boots in the leg and took him to the doctors and he went back to the grave yard and played his trumpet.
  • Chapter 1

    We met sam and Tony, He likes a girl called Angel, His family is spit up, he is short. he copied money on a photo copier,
  • Chapter 2

    We found out sam is half Greek and half Australian. Sam and Tony went to the market to buy products for Tony's fruit market.
  • Chapter 3

    he was trying to impress angel and through a yo yo in a teachers nose and broke it and then he had music class and had to play solo infront of everybody and there is a concert at the end of the year.
  • Chapter 4

    His mum was very dissiponited with his behavouir, he said that everything was a accident, he ran to his room at put his music up so loud he didnt hear his mum come in and we met his sister krystal and she is like a punk and his mum Vickii and also sams freal name Savaus the saint.
  • Chapter 5

    We heard that sam works at a friut market were tony is his boss and that he gave someone the wrong change, he took a break to watch his favoutite band "time bandits" and someone nocks their trumpet on the road and sam saves it and is then called a saint.
  • Chapter 6

    Chapter 6
    Sam and Yao argue and Sam throws a rooten tamatto at his face as his dad walks up to yao and now everyone is dissipointed in him and his mother Viccki
  • Chapter 7

    Sam ran away from his mum and sister for 3 hours because he tought everyone hated him and he ran off to his Dads. As he came home his perants started fighting in the car.
  • Chapter 8

    Chapter 8
    Sam went to the market to try and earn some money by playing his trumpet. but tried not to run into Tony otherwise he would dob on him to his mum. He earned some money because he didnt play very well and people wanted him to stop , so they paid him. Then he went off into the carpark and played againts a stachue and he felt like he played the best he has ever played beofre.
  • Chapter 16

    Sam was reported back to the future of 2001 and got in heaps of trouble and told none where he went cause he knew no one would believe him.
  • Chapter 17

    Sam had a big talk and found out that his mum and tony are dating
  • Chapter 18

    Sam great uncle came around to talk to Sam but Sam didnt find anything great about him he was all ways grumpy and he knew alot and told Sam that Vicki his siter was dating Natu one of the members of time bandits.
  • Chapter 19

    Sam went back to school and omar took angels pencail case so sam wanted to be a hero and stick up for her but then she said she didnt need help.
  • Chaper 20

    Sam tells Yao about time travel and he dosnt believe him. Krystal also has a talk with Sam and tells him that natu said the Sam is a real hero.