Manifest Destiny

  • Jedediah Smith

    Jedediah Smith was a party leader through the Rocky Mountains who got attack by a bear and tore off his one ear.
  • Mountain Men

    Mountain Men were with Jedediah Smith. The men went looking again and they found a trail through the Rocky Mountains.
  • Jim Beckworth

    Jim Beckwourth was an explorer who went out and killed animals for there furs. When he got the furs he went back east and sold them for money and went back west and did the same thing.
  • Land Speculators

    Land Speculators were people who went west and bought land so the value of the land in the west would get more populated.
  • Santa Fe Trail

    In 1821 the Mexicans took advantage over Spain. A couple of years later Becknell left Missouri and a group of traders that lead through the Santa Fe Trail.
  • Oregon Trail

    The Oregon Trail witch lead from Missouri to the Oregon were missionaries such as the Whitmans. The Whitmans were the first people to use that path and to be in Oregon.
  • Mormons

    Mormons were Chrst of Latter Day Saints who all moved west.
  • Santa Anna

    Santa Anna was a General in Mexico he thought that Texas was his but it belonged to the United States so he fought once and won and Mexican people shoot U.S soliers on U.S land so we got into a big battle throught the west and we went down to Texas and won and we owned all of Mexico but we gave it back in the long run.
  • Battle of the Alamo

    The Battle of the Alamo was a war against Santa Anna Sam Houston had 183 defenders died and Santa Anna had over 1000 men. Santa Anna won that battle and captured the Alamo.
  • Sam Houston

    Sam Houston was a commander in the Texas war vs Mexico.
  • Lone Star Republic

    The Lone Star Republic was the texas nickname. Sam Houston was elected President. Many texas people wanted to be part of the United States witch made the west and south even more populated.
  • James K. Polk

    Henery Clay and James K. Polk were in the electon James k. Polk had won the electon. James k. Polk wasent a popular guy but he was know for his seven years in congress.
  • Manifest destiny

    Manifest destiny was the u.s with Britain. The u.s wanted to expand west and start counrties over in the west they called it manifest destiny.
  • annexation

    Annexation was mexico thought Texas was there land but it was are land.
  • Zachary Taylor

    Zach Taylor was a man who had orders to put 3,500 men at the bank of Rio Grande whitch was part of disputed territory.
  • Bear Flag Revolt

    The Bear Flag Revolt was the independence of Mexico who came on are land to fight for california u.s troops fought the rebles and won within weeks.
  • Californios

    were settlers of spanish or mexican descent. Many people lived on huge cattle farms.
  • Mariano vallejo

    Mariano was the oldest spanish families thats living in america he owned 250,000 acres of land in california.
  • Migrations

    People all over the U.S came to california to find gold there was so many people they all left at the same time and it was like a traffic jam. Some people went over to california to start there own jobs like hotels and water stop and charge alot of money for it. This is called the California gold rush. The gold rush was people would go in rivers and search for mounts and go back with nothing.
  • James Marshall

    James Marshall was the first person to find gold in California.
  • Forty Niner

    The Forty Niner was everyone who came to California to dig for gold and there is a football team in california named after the forty niners.