1810-1860 F block geography :)

  • Period: to

    Wars for Latin American Independence

    Many countries such as Bolivia,Chile, Columbia,Guyana, Ecuador, and Paraguay fought and won their wars of Independence in this time period.
  • Third Census

    Third Census
    Population is 7.2 million americans , 1.4 million african-americans out of the 1.4 million 1.2 were slaves .
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    The US went to war with Canadian colonists and Britan. On September 13, 1814, a fort withstood 25 hours of bombardment by the British Navy. The United States gave up its demands to end impressment, and Britain promised to leave Canada's borders the same.
  • Napoleon Invades Russia

    Napoleon Invades Russia
    Napoleon beats the Russian army, but at a heavy price. him and his men die in the freezing cold
  • Earthquake destroys Carcaras Venezuela

    Earthquake destroys Carcaras Venezuela
    An earthquake causes much damage to Caracas,Venezuela's capatal.
  • Battle of Waterloo

    Battle of Waterloo
    After conquering many different places, Napoleon gets defeated.
  • Construction begins on Erie Canal

    Construction begins on Erie Canal
    Construction on the Erie Canal commences. The Erie Canal is a canal in New York that originally ran about 363 miles from Albany, New York, on the Hudson River to Buffalo. Lots of Irish immigrants came to work on the canal along with local workers. Each worker got payed 80 cents a day for at least 10 hours of work.
  • Panic of 1819

    Panic of 1819
    The panic of 1819 had many factors. Some major ones were the cotton industry collapsing, and bank failures. The war of1812 also played a role in bringing the economy down. The Panic of 1819 affected the West and South the most and lasted until 1821. It was the first big depression.
  • Congress offeres $50

    Congress offeres $50
    Congress offeres $50 for anyone that reports to illegal importion of slaves
  • The Missouri compromise

    The Missouri compromise
    Maine gets admitted as a free state, Missouri as a slave state, and slavery is banned in the territory purchased in the Louisiana purchase.
  • The Santa Fe Trail

    The Santa Fe Trail
    People desiring land and a better life headed west. The trail was very dangerous and many died or got injured.
  • Period: to

    Greek Independence War

    The Greeks rebelled against the Ottoman Empire and formed Greece.
  • Period: to

    First Ashanti War

    The British sent troops to what is now Ghana to protect the Fanti who were being massacred by the Ashanti. After trying to make treaties the British and the Ashanti went to war. After the British won the war the Ashanti signed a treaty. The peace lasted for 50 years.
  • Erie Canal Completed

    Erie Canal Completed
    The Erie Canal is finally completed, after 8 years of work.
  • Period: to

    Russo-Persian War

    In 1826 Persia invade Russia but was beaten by the Russians. In 1828 Persia signed a treaty giving Eastern Armenia to the Russian Empire.
  • French Colonized Algeria

    French Colonized Algeria
    In 1830 France colonized Algeria. Their rule lasted 132 years. To become French citizens, Muslim Algerians had to give up their religion and agree to the French civil code.
  • Indian Removal Act

    Indian Removal Act
    Andrew Jackson weasled indian tribes into giving up their land.
  • Sophisticated Mechanical Reaper Patented

    Sophisticated Mechanical Reaper Patented
    Cyrus McCormick patents a mechanical reaper that can do 20 hours of work in 1 hour.
  • Texas Revolution

    Texas Revolution
    After tension building, it escalates when a contingent of soldiers arrived at Anahuac in January 1835, and more local friction was created. In June a mail courier brought news that federal troops had arrested the governor and that large reinforcements would soon strengthen the standing garrison at San Antonio. Then the revolution happened!
  • The Alamo

    The Alamo
    The alamo was a key point of denfense and they would give their life for it. All the Americans that went to try and take it died. they last 13 days.
  • First telegraph used

    First telegraph used
    The telegraph was an amazing development in history. It allowed people to communicate over massive distances, much like cell phones. They were crucial in war, communication, and just everyday use.
  • Panic of 1837

    Panic of 1837
    The panic of 1837 was the longest USA depression after the Great Depression. It lasted until 1843. Some factors that helped cause the depression were the collapse of cotton prices, England's economic problems, and wheat crop failure. Some of the effects were food prices collapsed as did real estate prices.The union failed because of labor prices collapsing. At least 1 bank president commited suicide. Martin van Buren was blamed and did not get reelected in 1841.
  • Trail of tears

    Trail of tears
    Around 4,000 people died from hunger, exposure and disease on the trail of tears. The journey became a cultural memory for the Cherokees and other removed tribes. natives were forced to walk in the freezing winter
  • Period: to

    Opium War

    In 1839 the Chinese wanted to stop the sale of opium. They destroyed more than 20,00 chests of opium in Canton. The British retaliated in 1840 by sending 16 war ships to Hong Kong. In 1841they attacked the powerless city of Canton. in 1842 the British captured many cities like Shanghai and Nankton. Hong Kong was given to the British in the Treaty of Nankton.
  • French annexation of Mayotte

    French annexation of Mayotte
    In 1843 Mayotte agreed to become a French colony in exhange for protection from their many enemies.
  • Period: to

    Irish Potato Famine

    The Irish potato famine played a huge role in immigration. It was a blight that had devastated Ireland's potatoes and turned newly dug potatoes into slimy, blackish, rotten things. This massive blight had come from Mexico. Because potatoes were such a crucial crop, it completely destroyed life. It made over 3.5 million Irish to immigrate to America, because people just wanted to get out. They had left in steerage, on "coffin ships" that carried people in horrible conditions away. Although Irela
  • Mexican war

    Mexican war
    In the 1840s the US wanted to expand their territory. The US wanted to expand their country take over the entire continent. There was many different opinions on how to get this land wither to take it by force or not. US started sending steam boats dominated the sea and trains would go destroy markets and towns and suddenly their goal seemed in reach. The republic said that the republic needs to grow as well along with the country, but some people argued that it made then stronger and that they
  • German Revolution of 1848

    German Revolution of 1848
    in 1848 a series of rebellions broke out in the German states. The groundwork of the 1848 uprising in Germany was laid long beforehand. The Hambacher Fest of 1832, for instance, reflected growing unrest in the face of heavy taxation and political censorship.
  • Mexican war ends

    Mexican war ends
    The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the war. It was signed on February 2 1848, and it is still in force today. This treaty gave US more than 500,000 square miles of land and territory. The treaty helped shape international and domestic histories of the US and Mexico. During the war U.S. leaders assumed superiority over the treaty. Because of the U.S. victory they completely dictated the settlement.
  • California Gold Rush

    California Gold Rush
    On January 24, 1848, gold was discovered at a mill in California.Immigrants came to California in the hopes of becoming rich.First immigrants from South America and Asia. More than 25,000 came from China.As the gold started to run out natives began to hate immigrants. The government started charging immigrants $20 a month, the same as more than $500 today. The bill was repealed and replaced with one that charged only Chinese immigrants $2 a month, equivalent to $80 today.
  • Kansas-Nebraska act

    Kansas-Nebraska act
    In January 1854, Senator Stephen Douglas introduced a bill that divided the land west of Missouri into two territories, Kansas and Nebraska
  • Panic of 1857

    Panic of 1857
    Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Company went bankrupt, which caused the panic of 1857. One effect of the Panic was stock prices collapsed. The panic lasted until early 1859.