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Mexican American History in America

  • Aug 13, 1521

    Conquistador Herman Cortez

    Conquistador Herman Cortez
    Conquistador Herman Cortez conquers the Aztec Empire. He gives this land to Spain which will be called New Spain. The captial of the Aztec Empire will be renamed Mexico City. Spanish and the Aztec Indians will mixed and form a new human race called Mestizos. The Spanish people will teach the Indians, their language, laws, customs, and religion.
  • Period: Aug 14, 1521 to

    Spanish expanding its New Spain territory

    Conquistadors kept exploring into along the the west and southern coast of North America
  • Pope's Rebellion

    Pope's Rebellion
    The Pueblo Indians in New Mexico were tried of being mistreated and changing their customs for the Spaniards. Roman Catholic missions were center in New Mexico, so the Pueblo Indians rebelled and killed many priests and Spanish settlers. They rebulit temples to the their gods over the ruins of the Catholic Churches.
  • Yuma Revolt

    Yuma Revolt
    The Indian tribes rebelled aganist the Spanish by expelling all of the Spanish Missions from Arizona and Califorina. Indians were tried of being converted to Catholism.
  • Mexico's struggles for independence from Spain

    Mexico's struggles for independence from Spain
    Mexico starts to challenge Spanish rule and starts a rebellion in order to gain freedom and independence from Spain unjustice. This rebellion started as an idealistic rebellion against colonial masters. One of the main people that started this rebellion was Father Miguel Hidalgo.
  • Period: to

    Mexico's rebellion for independence

    Mexcians-Americans, and Mexican born Spaniards are fighting against the Spanish rule in order to gain independence
  • Santa Fe Trail

    Santa Fe Trail
    The Santa Fe Trail is opened that becomes a vital commerical and military trail between Mexico and the United States. Promoted traded between the two young republics. the trail was created by William Becknell
  • Period: to

    First Mexican Empire

    After gaining independence from Spain, the Mexicans established a Monarchy as the ruler of their government.
  • Mexico passed the General Colonization Law

    Mexico passed the General Colonization Law
    Mexico passed the General Colonization that granted empresario grants to individuals to start a settlement in Texas. Stephen F Austin lead the original 300 families to Texas.
  • Texas Revolution

    Texas Revolution
    When dicator President Santa Anna abolished the Federal Constitution of 1824 and proclaimed the new seven laws that dissolved the Congress. This new laws were unfair to all citizens and riots broke out throughout Mexican territory. Texans were tried of the unjustice so they thought this was their chance to get freedom. This revolution brought Americans into Mexico's affairs which leads to conflict between the two young countries.
  • Mexican-American War

    Mexican-American War
    After getting involved with the Texas Rebeliion, Mexico's and America's friendship began to dissolve. When the United States annexed Texas into teh Union, Mexico got mad becauase Texas was still part of Mexican territory.
  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

    Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    This treaty ended the Mexican-American War. The United states gained Texas, New Mexico, the Santa Fe trail, California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.
  • Second Mexican Empire

    Second Mexican Empire
    Napoleon III invades Mexico and takes control of their government, and reestablished the Mexican Empire. Napoleon put Maximilian as Emperor of Mexico. The French had heavy influences on the Mexican government. Once again the United States does not like this so they put intervenes once again in Mexican affairs.
  • Period: to

    Second Mexican Empire

  • Porfirio Diaz becomes Dictator of Mexico

    Porfirio Diaz becomes Dictator of Mexico
    Diaz becomes Dictator of Mexico. During every election until 1911 he would win presidency. During his rule, he stregthened Mexcian economics and brought Mexico into the world trade market. During his rule, Mexcio's economics were in it's golden age.
  • Period: to

    Mexico's Economic Golden Age

    During Mexico's Economic Golden Age, dictator Diaz expanded their economy and increased their currency and brought new interventions into the country. Diaz created the first railroad tracks in Mexico.
  • Epic Revolution in Mexico

    Epic Revolution in Mexico
    A revolution that was started by peasants and urban workers that were tried of Diaz and wanted social justice. This revolution lasted for 10 years and changes Mexico's government. Many people fled to border states of Texas, New Mexcio, and California in to avoid the rebellion.
  • Mexican Repatriation

    Mexican Repatriation
    During the Great Depression in the United States, many Mexican families in Texas, California, Colorado, and Illlinois were sent back to Mexico. The majority of these families were legal American citizens but the government consider them illegal due to their race.
  • Period: to

    Mexican Repatriation

    Mexican families were being deported back to Mexico during the Great Depression. Legal and illegal families were sent back.
  • Bracero Program

    Bracero Program
    This program allowed the Mexican Farm Labor Program to send over workers to the United States and work on the fields. This program brought oer 4 million Mexicans into the United States. The program lasted until 1965.
  • Period: to

    Bracero Program

    When Mexican laborers were sent to the United States to work in the farms and fields.
  • Operation Wetback

    Operation Wetback
    Was an operation by the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service to remove illegal Mexican immigrates that came to U.S by pretending to be in the Bracero Program.
  • National Chicano Moratorium

    National Chicano Moratorium
    Mexican-American movement throughout the southwest. It protested against the Vietnam War and sending American recuits to Vietnam. The movement also promoted the social unjustice towards the Mexican-Americans.
  • Jerry Apodaca and Raul Hector Castro elected

    Jerry Apodaca and Raul Hector Castro elected
    Jerry Apodaca and Raul Hector Castro become the first Mexican-Americans to become governors in New Mexico and Arizona.
  • Drug War

    Drug War
    Drugs and Drug dealers started to boom in the early 2000's. Soon drugs became a big business through out of Mexico. Big drug kings started to apper and challenge the government. This action started the Drug war. Drug cartels against the Mexican government. Since the fighting has increased many Mexicans are immigrate to the United States legally or illegal.
  • Period: to

    Drug war

  • Mexican-American population

    Mexican-American population
    The Mexican-American population is the biggest immigrate race in America today. Throughout the years, the Mexican-American poplulation has increase as more legal and illlegal Immigrates across the border. They will soon make up the majority of people in the United States.