Lonely Lukes NM Timeline

  • Aug 21, 1539

    Fray Marco de Niza and Estevan

    Fray Marco de Niza and Estevan
    Fray Marco de NIza and Estevan get killed trying to find the seven cities of gold. The Spanish didn't have control of New Mexico yet. This expedition was also to scout out the area. (exact date unfindable) picture of Marco de Niza's expedition.
  • Aug 21, 1580

    Fray Agustin Rodriguez

    Fray Agustin Rodriguez
    Rodriguez leads expedition to New Mexico. Four members of the party got killed by Indians. (exact date not found) Picture of Rodriguez's expedition.
  • First New Mexican capitol

    First New Mexican capitol
    Juan de Onate makes first New Mexican capital at the Tewa village of OHke present day Espanola. Picture of landscape of Espanola.
  • San Gabriel

    San Gabriel
    San Gabriel becomes the second capital of New Mexico. Near the confluence of the Rio Grande and Chama rivers. (month and day couldn't be found) map location of San Gabriel
  • Navajo Long Walk

    Navajo Long Walk
    After the Navajos lost their battles thousands of them had to walk 500 miles to San Carlos or "Hell's Fory Acres." Many of the Navajos died on the walk and many others died at San Carlos. This lasted from 1663-1668. Picture of some of the many navajos in the long walk.
  • Pueblo Revolt

    Pueblo Revolt
    Pueblo Revolt also known as Popes revolt. This was because of the forced religion. The Pope was actually a pueblo Indian from San Juan. (real date not found) painting of what the Pueblo revolt probably looked like
  • Villa de Albuquerque is founded

    Villa de Albuquerque is founded
    Albuquerque was built like a traditional spanish town where there is a central plaza then houses on the outscirts of town. Picture-Old Albuquerque
  • French Trappers and trade

    French Trappers and trade
    French trappers started trading from with mexicans. This helped open up trade in New Mexico before the Santa Fe trail. (exact dat not found) picture of what the average trapper would look like.
  • Mexico seperates from Spain/Santa Fe trail

    Mexico seperates from Spain/Santa Fe trail
    Mexico finally becomes a different country after spain had been the mother country. The Santa Fe trail becomes open to international trade. picture of the mexican flag
  • Texas Soldiers invade New Mexico

    Texas Soldiers invade New Mexico
    Texas invades new Mexico and claims all the land up to the Rio Grande. Theyr'e plans were thwarted by Governore Manuel Armijo.(exact date couldn't be found) pic ture relation of Texas to New Mexico.
  • Start of the Mexican American war

    This war was mainly over territory. Mexico thought that Texas was still its territory. The U.S. also wanted Texas.
  • Ending of the Mexican American War

    This war didn't last only half of a year but the U.S. gained lots of land from this war.
  • Taos Rebellion Against U.S. Government

    Gov. Charles Bent fled to Taos towards the end of the rebellion where he was cornered and killed.
  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo

    After the Mexican American War the treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo was an official treaty of peace, friendship, and settlement between the U.S. and the Mexican government.
  • New Mexico becomes a territory

    New Mexico which included Arizona, southern Utah, southern Colorado, and southern Nevada becomes a territory. New Mexico still hadn't become a state yet.
  • Gadston Purchase

    The Gadston Purchase was a purchase made by the U.S. government to the Mexican governmnet which added 45,000 acres to the U.S.
  • Railroad arrives at New Mexico

    When the railroad arrived life in New Mexico became much easier. With the railroad New Supplies was brought in while shipping supplies could be done easily aswell.
  • Death of Billy the Kid

    Death of Billy the Kid
    Billy the Kid gets shot and killed by Sherrif Pat Garret outside of Fort Sumner New Mexico. picture of Billy the Kid aka William Bonney (exact date not found)
  • Geronimo Surrenders

    Geronimo Surrenders
    Geronimo was a fierce Apach leader against settlers. After a lengthy pursuit he finally surrendered. He died of pneumonia at Fort Sill.( couldnt find exact date) picture-geronimo's face
  • First Film in New Mexico Made.

    First Film in New Mexico Made.
    This film was just a handful of Indian kids going in and out of their school twice. This was filmed at Isleta Pueblo. (exact date couldn't find). Image-This is what the film looked like
  • Mexican Revolution

    Mexican Revolution
    The Mexican Revolution Started in 1910 and went through 1920. If Mexico had decided to attack the US during this time then New Mexico would be greatly affected because we would be teh first attacked by mexico. Pic. Mexican Revlolution group ready to fight.
  • New Mexico becomes a state.

    New Mexico becomes a state.
    New Mexico becomes the 47th state of the US. Setnator Beverage however didn't want New Mexico to become a state so during the seven week period to have New Mexico become a state he locked himself in a cuboard. Picture-President Taft signing New Mexico into statehood.
  • Sinking of the Titanic

    Sinking of the Titanic
    When the Titacnic sank the whole country mournded for England and it's loss. Even though New Mexico had no major affect on this the whole country was still affected because the "unsinkable" was sunk. Pic. the Tiitanic moments away from leaving and eventually sinking.
  • Olympic Games Startup

    Olympic Games Startup
    The first olympic games ever started in 1912, Sweden. There where 174 competetors witht the US and 68 events, I couldn't find how many athletes participated from New Mexico. All the althetes were male. Pic. the five olympic rings represent all five different areas in the world all coming together in peace to compete for medals.
  • Sixteenth Amendment Ratified

    Sixteenth Amendment Ratified
    Before this congress could start taxing without any census or any details. This amendment justified "No Taxation without Representation." This amendment helped build a bond between the government and it's people. Pic. The picture says "It appears every April and its not a movie" with an IRS vacuum sucking up American citizens. This message gets accros that no one likes taxes especially during that time.
  • Ford Motor Company Assembly Line

    Ford Motor Company Assembly Line
    Cars were extremely pricey unreliable pieces of junk when they first came out. When Ford made an assembly line so they could complete a reliable car every two and a half minutes it made history and many more people could afford it. This idea was revolutionary for car businesses today.Pic. I don't know if they used women when it first started like in the picture but the main concept is every person puts on a different part repeatedly.
  • Pancho Villa Attacks!

    Pancho Villa Attacks!
    Pancho Villa Attacks Columbus NM and burns it down. They were confronted by the U.S. government and killed 18 American Soldiers and while they lost 80 of thier troops. He escaped with lots of supplies.
  • Punitive Expedition

    Punitive Expedition
    This expedition was a hunt for Villa and his men after they attacked Columbus. Though the expedition was a fail and Villa was never caught he was on his feet and running.
  • Zimmerman Telegram

    Zimmerman Telegram
    During WWI Germany sent telegram Mexico stating that if the US joined the Allies then Mexico should invade the US. Luckily the US intercepted it and Mexico never invaded. If they did New Mexico would be the first to fight them off.
  • WWI

    Congress declared war on Germany after one of their U-boats scank an american ship costing 180 lives. With Amerias involvement int he war it greatly helped turn the tide in the Allies favor. Pic. Uncle Sam poster trying to get more recruits for the US army.
  • Camp Cody

    Camp Cody
    Camp Cody was an army training camp during WWI for the US. It was founded in 1917 and trained hundreds of army men to help protect our rights and freedom. Pic. Camp cody with the hundreds of tents with hundreds more soldiers eager to help fight for their country.camp cody here is a video showing the size of the camp.
  • USS New Mexico

    USS New Mexico
    The USS New Mexico was a destroyer class ship used during WWI. It was one of three main lead class ships and in 1931 it was modernized for that time. It served it's time during WWII aswell but was scrapped in 1947. Pic. the USS New Mexico on one of it's missions during WWII, couldn't find any while in WWI.
  • Womens Voting Rights

    Womens Voting Rights
    In New Mexico women tried to get people to vote with peacefull persuassion. This was the best way possible rather than causing riots and holding signs. This worked and finally became the 19th amendment.
  • Oil Discovered on Navajo Reservation

    Oil Discovered on Navajo Reservation
    The Teapot Dome Scandal was when Albert B. Fall tried to sell Indian reservation land to oil companies. Albert Bacon Fall was one of the most famous Senators in New Mexico. This is because he was the highest ranking official to be put in jail. This is one of New Mexico's most embarassing moments. Pic, Albert B Fall
  • Great Depression

    Great Depression
    The great depression was a sad time for America. wges dropped 20% and a quarter of americans were jobless, penniless and homeless. This era of depression effected the whole world and greatly decreased the productivity in America.
  • WWII Starts

    WWII Starts
    'Merica wasn't involved until the Japanese bombed us but Germany had invaded polland. This allerted 'Merica and got us building the first Atomic Bomb in New Mexico.
  • Manhattan Project is set in place

    Manhattan Project is set in place
    Shortly after WWII the U.S. started the making of the first atomic bomb. This was the ultimate weapon that ended the war and started a new era of atomic power.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    US ships at pearl harbor are attacked and destroyed by Japanese bombers. This led the US into war with Japan and put us in WWII. The USS New Mexico was near Pearl Harbor but was never bombed.
  • Nazi Germany Declares war on U.S.

    Nazi Germany Declares war on U.S.
    Shortly after the US and Japan started war Germany declared war on the US as well. Surprisingly the US was the only country that Germany officialy declared war on the US, all the other countries were either invaded or declared war on Germany not vice versa.
  • Bataan Death March

    Bataan Death March
    New Mexicans in the Phillipines fought while Japan invaded the land. They had no help from the US because the Japanese made a barricade around the Islands. The POW's were forced to march 60 miles many to their deaths.
  • Nuclear bomb test sucess

    Nuclear bomb test sucess
    The years of research and work had finally paid off for the Manhattan project when fatman had exploded in whitesands missile range. "The day the sun rose twice" was what it was called because the bomb was so bright and powerful. This was one of the most important days in history. Actual date unknown.
  • Germany Surrenders

    Germany Surrenders
    After years of fighting Germany finally surrenders and it's Fuhrer Hitler shot himself in the head, This was a great victory and a step closer to finishing the war but Japan still hadn't surrendered yet.
  • Little Boy is Dropped

    Little Boy is Dropped
    Little boy was the more advanced out of the two nuclear bombs dropped on Japan. Little boy was dropped on Hiroshima with devastating effects. Radiation and a completely flattened city is what was left after this bombed was dropped
  • Fat Man is dropped

    Fat Man is dropped
    THis bomb is what officially ended the war. After this was dropped Japan surrenedered shortly. There are many debates on whether dropping the bombs costs less lifes than fighting it out but it did what it had to do, end the war. Over 100,000 Japanese Civilians were killed between the two bombs.
  • WWII ends

    WWII ends
    After years of war Japan surrenders therefore ending the war officially. From Germany invading countries to the US nuking Japan the war filled with bloody battles, scarying memories, and new technology finally ended. This war was one of the bloodiest wars in all of history.
  • USS New Mexico is put out of service

    USS New Mexico is put out of service
    The USS New Mexico was one of the most advanced battleships of its time. It fought in both WWI and WWII. This ship helped the US greatly and also helped prove New Mexicos loyalty to the US even more. It was put out of service shortly after the end of WWII.
  • Ak47 is created!

    Ak47 is created!
    The AK 47 was an enemy to America because so many of its enemies used it. It was invented in the Soviet Union by Mr. Kalashnikov. This gun is still used against America today.
  • Berlin Blockade

  • New Mexico Penitentiary Riot

    New Mexico Penitentiary Riot
    The New Mexico Penitentiary Riot was one of the biggest riots in all of NM. A state prison quickly turned into a huge riot.
  • Space Shuttle Columbia Tests in White Sands

    Space Shuttle Columbia Tests in White Sands
    The Space Shuttle test lands and takeoffs were mainly practived in White Sands. After the test when they did the actuall testing the shuttle was destroyed and killed all the crew members were killed.
  • Sid Gutierrez, first Hispanic astronaut

    Sid Gutierrez, first Hispanic astronaut
    SId is the first Hispanic astronaut in all American History. He was in the Air Force before he became an astronaut.
  • Sante Fe Brewing Company

    Sante Fe Brewing Company
    (actual date not found) The brewing Company in Sante Fe makes beer for New Mexico. I have heard that the beer is pretty good, in fact my neighbor kept buying it so I guess that it is good.
  • Congress passes the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act

    Congress passes the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act
    THis act gives money to soldiers or governemnt workers who have been exposed to radiation from tests or waste. $50,000 to individuals residing or working "downwind" of the Nevada Test Site. $75,000 for workers participating in atmospheric nuclear weapons tests. $100,000 for uranium miners, millers, and ore transporters

    Kirtland Underground Munitions Storage Complex is what the KUMSC stands for. In 1992 the US moved all of the nukes from the Manzano mountains to the KUMSC because it is a safer stoarage.
  • The Birth of Evil (aka my birthday according to some people)

    The Birth of Evil (aka my birthday according to some people)
    An amazing child was born on this date. In the near future he is going to change the world. If anyone was mean to him in his childhood he is going to make them his minions when he rules the world. Be very cautious when arround this child because he will be the ruler of the world in 2020.
  • someon cuts the right foot off the Don Juan de Onate statue.

    someon cuts the right foot off the Don Juan de Onate statue.
    On December 5th an anonymous person cut off the right foot of Don Jan de Onate because he was hated by the Indians. He was a colonial governor who treated the indians awful
  • WIPP

    WIPP stands for Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. THis is in Carlsbad NM and is stored in a salt depot that they found underground. This is where the nuclear waste is stored from all of the nuclear bombs. I would not want to work there.
  • The Strebes Moved into their house.

    The Strebes Moved into their house.
    This day the strebes moved into their house. This led to many great discoveries including this school. Without this event I would not be doing this timeline.
  • Sagebrush Church

    Sagebrush Church
    Sagebrush church is a Christian church that I go to. They have amazing worship music and a great pastor. His name is Todd Cook and does great at encouraging the church. THey are finishing up a 2100 seat new building and the first service is this SUNDAY!
  • The ASK academy

    The ASK academy
    THe ASK academy is a charter STEM school founded in 2010. This is a great school and a great student named Luke Strebe did a New MExico event over this. This school has great teachers including Rachel Sewards, Ray Nance, and Vanessa Barela.
  • Felix Baumgartner

    Felix Baumgartner
    Felix was the first man to jump out of space, go super sonic, and land in Roswell NM. This event was sponsored by Redbull which proves that people do crazy things when they have caffeine. Felix shows how awesome New Mexico is and that people can do crazy things just for the fun of it.