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History Of Pomona

By M. Nila
  • San Gabriel Arcangel Mission

    San Gabriel Arcangel Mission
    The mission in San Gabriel was built in the southern part of California. The missions were important to the local communities. Ygancio Palomares built his home to hold masses in his living room
  • Frederick Douglass Works for Thomas Auld in St. Michaels, Maryland

  • Mexican Secularization Act 1833

    California now under control of the Mexican government, opened up petitions for land grants. By 1828, the rules for establishing land grants were codified in the Mexican Reglamento (Regulation). The acts broke the large land holding of the missions and paved the way for attract more settlers to California by making land grants easier to obtain. The number of Mexican land grants greatly increased after the secularization of the missions in 1834. Although the original inten
  • La Casa Primera de Rancho San Jose

    Don Ygnacio Palomares and his friend Ricardo Vejar petitioned Governor Alvarado to grant them land in Pomona or "Rancho San Jose". The governor granted them both 15,000 acres of land each
  • Michigan is the 26th State Admitted to the Union

  • The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

    The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the Mexican-American War. The treaty added 525,000 square miles to United States territory, including parts of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. Mexico also gave up all claims to Texas.
  • Douglass Begins Sheltering Escaped Slaves Fleeing North on the "Underground Railroad."

  • Adobe De Palomares

    Adobe De Palomares
    Ygnacio Palomares built one of the first houses in Pomona in 1854. He made his house out of adobe. The house was also called casa de madera because of its wooden roof.
  • Lincoln Delivers Peoria Speech

    The repeal of the Missouri Compromise, and the propriety of its restoration constitute the subject of what I am about to say.
  • First National Suffrage Organization Established

    First National Suffrage Organization Established
    Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Lucy stone stop their rivalry and join together to form the National American Women's Suffrage Association.
  • Pomona College Established

    Pomona College Established
    Instruction began in a rented house in Pomona until they moved to an unfinished hotel in nearby Claremont, but the name remained.
  • The Dawes Act Is Passed

    The Dawes Act was enacted regarding the distribution of land to Native Americans in Oklahoma.
    Prior years, Native Americans became US citizens by:
    1. Treaty provision (as with the Mississippi Choctaw)
    2. Registration and land allotment under the Dawes Act
    3. Issuance of Patent in Fee Simple
    4. Adopting Habits of Civilized Life
    5. Minor Children
    6. Citizenship by Birth
    7. Becoming Soldiers and Sailors in the U.S. Armed Forces
    8. Marriage to a US citizen
    9. Special Act of Congress.
  • Pomona Now a City

    Pomona Now a City
  • The National Geographic Society

    The National Geographic Society began as a club for an elite group of academics and wealthy patrons interested in travel.
  • Boy Scouts of America Founded

    Boy Scouts of America Founded
  • Pomona Ebell Womans Club

    Pomona Ebell Womans Club
    It's purpose was to interest women in literature, art, and science.
  • Amelia Earhart sets altitude record for female pilots

    Amelia Earhart sets altitude record for female pilots
  • Los Angeles County Fair

    Los Angeles County Fair
    Ricardo Vejar sells Pomona 43 acres of his land to develop the Los Angeles County Fair. Opens with 100,000 people in attendance. the
  • Formation of the Axis Alliance

    Formation of the Axis Alliance
    Germany, Italy and Japan became allies during World War II.Germany wants to take over continental Europe; Italian over the Mediterranean Sea; and Japanese over East Asia and the Pacific
  • Japanese Attack Allied Harbor at Trincomalee

    Japanese Attack Allied Harbor at Trincomalee
  • Doolittle Raid

    The Doolittle Raid was the first air raid by the United States to strike a Japanese home island (Honshū) during World War II.
  • Period: to

    The Los Angeles County Fair and WWII

    It was taken over by the U.S. Army and turned into a motor base. A community of 5,428 Japanese-Americans was housed there.
    1943-The army used the grounds as a desert training center.
    1944-The Ordnance Command shop was established on the grounds.
    1945-The grounds were used as a German and Italian prisoner of war camp.
    1946-The prisoner of war camp was closed in March.
  • Brown Vs. Board of Education

    Brown Vs. Board of Education
  • Period: to

    African American Civil Rights Movement

    Social movements in the United States whose goals were to end racial segregation and discrimination against African Americans and to secure legal recognition and federal protection of the citizenship rights.
  • Pomona High School Fire

    Pomona High School Fire
    The school was a large fire that started in the girls bathroom by a cigarette which left 1500 students withouts schooling for three weeks and impacted the Senior class.
  • Brooklyn Dodgers vs New York Yankees World Series

    Brooklyn Dodgers vs New York Yankees World Series