Lucas' Ten Year Plan

  • Start of Grade 9

    Start of Grade 9
    Started Highschool at PCI
  • Period: to

    Personal Timeline

  • Survived Doomsday

  • Volunteer Work Complete

    Volunteer Work Complete
    Complete all volunteer hours, volunteering for the St. Thomas Stars
  • Create Resume

    create a resume for a summer job.
  • Get a Job

  • Job Interview

  • Buy my first car

    Buy my first car
    Hopefully the Mazda RX-8
  • Graduate High School

  • Co-op Experience

  • Move Out

    Move Out
  • Rent an Apartment

    Rent an Apartment
  • Start College/University

  • Special Achievement: Win the Nobel Prize

  • Relocate to far away dream land

    Move to a place i've always wanted to visit.
  • Start of career