Lord of the Flies Devolution Timeline

  • Chapter 1

    Good British Boys
    Listen to conch
    Choir in uinforms and in line and
    they start a government
    Jack becomes the leader of the hunters
  • Chapter 2

    The beast is mentioned by the boy with the birth mark they
    start a fire it gets out of control and boy with birth mark dies
  • Chapter 3

    Jack becomes more wid, more savage, he was onthe ground on all four. His clothes were just tatted shorts and a knife belt.
  • Chapter 4

    The group of kids have an arguement Jack hits Piggy in the face and breaks glasses
  • Chapter 5

    Ralph wants to make order, be civilized but no one listens to him.
  • Chapter 6

    Sam and Eric see an object falling from the sky thinking that it's the beast. They go and worn everyone and the group freaks out.
  • Chapter 7

    The hunters play a game in which they put someone in the middle and they act like that person is a pig.It got out of hand and they tried to kill the person
  • Chapter 8

    Jack separated from the group and some of the little kids followed him. And Simon sees the Lord of the Flies forthe first time.
  • Chapter 9

    Everybody palyed a game and that involved some one being in the middle and Simon tried to worn them about the Lord of the Flies
    They killed Simon
  • Chapter 10

    Jack's group have turned more savage by stealing food from Ralph and destroying their shelters
  • Chapter 11

    Between all the fighting and rivalries betwen Jack and Ralph, Roger throws a big rock down the mountain and knocks out Piggy into the rocks and he dies. Also the conch was shattered to pieces.
  • Chapter 12

    Jack tried to force Ralph, Sam and Eric to join their tribe, Ralph ran away, Sam and Eric were lucky. Then they went looking for Ralph to kill him. Jack decides to sent the island on fire to lure him out. But a military office saw the smoke and rescued them