Logan's Timeline

Timeline created by lgilchrist
  • Birth

    I was born at Lincoln Maternity Hospital, New Zealand. I had a water brith in New Zealand and when i came out the midwife dropped in the water.
  • Parent's wedding

    I was young at my parent's wedding, i have been featured in videos of the wedding.
  • Little Sister Born

    Little Sister Born
    My little sister was born in Christchurch one year after i was born.
  • Moved to Australia

    Moved to Australia
    My family and i moved to Australia due to my dad moving to the Australian Army.
  • Started Primary School

    Started Primary School
    I started primary school at Collingwood Park State School, this was my first school.
  • Started playing hockey

    I started playing inline hockey for the Bumdamba Bombers, i played hockey for many years as the goalie.
  • Father Killed

    My father was killed in Iraq. He was killed by a IED (Road side bomb) when he was ordered to take the wrong road.
  • Memorial Service in New Zealand

    My family and friends held a memorial service in New Zealand for my dad. There was over 600 people in attendence.
  • Scattered dad's ashes in Taranaki

    My family and i scattered my dad's ashes off of a moutains edge, which was in his will.
  • Cracked the growth plate of my thumb

    I was playing soccer at school and dove for the ball when i landed on my thumb and cracked the growth plate.
  • Europe & American Trip

    My mum took me and my little sister on a 6 week holiday to Europe and America.
  • Started playing basketball

    I started playing basketball for club with some of my friends from school.
  • Started High School

    Started High School
    I started high school at Saint Peter Claver College, this wasn't my first high school.
  • Other Sister Born

    My youngest sister was born at home in one of my family's baths.
  • Trip to Hamilton island

    My family went on a holiday to Hamilton Island for a week.
  • Trip to America

    My family went on a 2 week holiday to America, we visited Los Angeles and Miami.
  • Little Brother Born

    My little brother was born at my old house in the master bedroom.
  • Moved to my new house

    I moved into my new house, i left a house i had been in for almost 7 years.
  • Nepthew Born

    My oldest sister had her son in Febuary and i became his Uncle.