Litricy circle timeline

  • Chapter 6 of kensuke's kingdom

    Chapter 6 of kensuke's kingdom
    This chapter is about when Michal tries biliding a seceret
    beacon so when a ship comes he can light it straight away but only half his plan works and the old man destroys it.Then Michal disobays his orders and gets stung by a jellyfish.
  • Chaper 7

    Chaper 7
    Michal woke up and he was in Kensukes cave but it didn';t ;ook like a cave it had every thing you possible needed on a desserted island.They started painting together fishing together they basicly
    did everything together.Kensuke even found michals ball.
  • Chapter 9

    Chapter 9
    This chapter is all about when kensuke and Michal
    work together and make abeacon after a accident of when
    michal sent a letter to his mum and dad but kensuke read it.
    Then the leson came from the night of the turtles when kensuke made a decition that Kensuke will go with Michal whaen a boat arrives.
  • Chapter 10 Last chapter

    Chapter 10 Last chapter
    This chapter is about when a ship comes into shore
    but it is the killer men! Michal and kensuke strugle to save the
    animails.But they discover 2 dead gibbions.Later on the Peggey Sue towed in.But Kensuke did not go.They both understood each others needs and left.But they did not forget each other.