Literacy Biography

Timeline created by JNichole
  • Copper Beech Elementary School

    Copper Beech Elementary School
    For 6 years i attended Copper beech for elementary school.
  • Soccer Coach

    Soccer Coach
    My soccer coach for 10 years was a major keep in my academics. we had to maintain good grades in school through out elementary school to high school, or he would not let us show up to practice or play in games until we got the grades up.
  • 4th Grade Tacher

    4th Grade Tacher
    My 4th grade teacher was one of the many factors in my life that got me to the point where i am, and encouraged me to become a teacher.
  • Hannah Montana Anatomy Song

    Hannah Montana Anatomy Song
    This was very inspirational to me because it made me try and make studying fun, by trying to make songs out of the materials that i was studying.
  • The Outsiders

    The Outsiders
    This was a book that i read in 8th grade. This was the first book that was a mandatory book to read that i was obsessed with. I finished the book in 3 days, and usually i have to force myself to read the books they assign.
  • High School Softball Coach

    High School Softball Coach
    My softball coach made us turn in our grades every Friday, and if we were failing any class we would not be allowed to play in any games until we got it up.
  • Abington Senior High School

    Abington Senior High School
    This was my high school for all 4 years.
  • Neighbor

    My neighbor Ashley is 2 years older then me. She was always extremely intelligent, and would always help me study and understand anything i was learning in school that i couldn't grasp.
  • Special Olympics

    Special Olympics
    I have a passion for helping and teaching people who have a disability. Special Olympics was something i always looked forward to at school as well as during it for my travel softball team. it made me really want to become a Special Education teacher.
  • Widener University Softball

    Widener University Softball
    Because of my passion of softball, being able to have the opportunity to play in college encouraged me to want to go to college even more
  • The Pain You Feel Today Is The Strength You Feel Tomorrow

    The Pain You Feel Today Is The Strength You Feel Tomorrow
    This is the quote that got me through my senior year in high school, when I tore everything in my knee, and motivated me to work harder on my studies while i recover.
  • Widener University

    Widener University
    On May 1st, i decided to continue my academics at Widener University.
  • Vision Board

    Vision Board
    I cannot wait for the day where i have my own classroom and become a major impact on the academics of my students
  • Who I Want To Become

    Who I Want To Become
    I want to become Ruth from the movie The Longest Ride. She was a teacher and an inspiration to the little boy in her class Daniel. She inspired him to become whatever he wants to become in the future, and even drew a picture of her. He would always remember her and the incredible impact she had on his life.
  • Special Education Teacher

    Special Education Teacher
    My goal for the future is to become a special education teacher. I also want to become a 3rd or 4th grade teacher, but im more pulled to special education.
  • Where I Want to End Up

    Where I Want to End Up
    I would love to end up teaching back at home. Abington School district is a really good academic school, and i would feel very in comfortable going into the school district.