Liliana timeline

  • It's a Girl!

    It's a Girl!
    I was born to Maria Wood and Leo Esparza, on the date of 11,11,99, in the hopital Little Company of Mary.
  • Day Of Degree

    Day Of Degree
    I would liek to get my bachelolrs degree, so i can become a Veternarian
  • Yummy Dinner

    Yummy Dinner
    When i have a family i want to be able to cook for therm, and not always go out to eat.
  • Mexican Style!

    Mexican Style!
    The reason i want to take Spanish, beacuse i want to impress my family members.also i would like to know what people are saying to me when they are speaking in Spanish.
  • Here I Come Shepered

    Here I Come Shepered
    I want to graduate with A's and B's, I would also like to get a job, and lastly i would like to volenteer at an animal shelter.
  • Highschool Goals

    Highschool Goals
    i plane on getting good grades,joining clubs, and also making new friends.
  • Brown and Orange Pride

    Brown and Orange Pride
    I would like to go to Shepered High School because my sister, and both of my aunts whnt there.
  • Lets go Clubben

    Lets go Clubben
    I would really like to try out for poms and dance club, beacause it sounds fun
  • Spanish

    I would like to take Spanish, bacause i would also like to talke on some of my language.
  • G.P.A Fun

    G.P.A Fun
    I would like a 3.2 for a g.p.a because it's more than you need to succeed, but not that much.
  • Child Care

    Child Care
    I would also like to take Child Care, because i love kids, and they are so cute. Lastly if you would ask anyone if i'm good with kids they would say yes.
  • Colloge Obsticalas

    Colloge Obsticalas
    Things that might stand in my way after graduating Highschool, is hetting a job, and the expense's for Colloge
  • Pretty Pets

    Pretty Pets
    I will be atteneding ITT Tech, in Orland Park to be a Veternarian, and will need a bachelors degree
  • Pretty Pretty House!

    Pretty Pretty House!
    I want to buy a big house for my family, with a nice backyard.
  • Wonderful Moments

    Wonderful Moments
    I would like my mom, dad, sister, papa, nana,aunt Gege, and aunt Vickie to whitness the moment when I graduate Collage.
  • My Future Minniue Me's

    My Future Minniue Me's
    I would like to have a wonderful family one day. Three kids, two twin girls and one boy,but ofcourse they need an amazing dad to
  • Seccesful!

    I want to be able to hwlp my kids be seccesful like I was.
  • Last Day Of Life

    I believe 85 is a good age to die at because