Lifespan Development timeline project

By jleeds
  • Conception

    Approximate time of conception.
  • Birth

  • Formula fed - Biosocial

    From the beginning I was formula fed.
  • Period: to


    Within the first few weeks to months I was laughing.
  • Cerial mixed with formula - Biosocial

    By about 3 months I was fed with a mix of formula and cerial because formula was not enough for my dietary intake.
  • Scoot and crawl - Biosocial and cognitive

    By about 3 months I began to scoot and crawl. I began to explore my world and would run around in my bouncer. By about 4 months I began to pull myself up on the couch because my sister would be up there.
  • Begin to walk - Biosocial

    I began to walk without assistance.
  • The first two years - Cognitive

    I began to speak my first words.
  • Play - Psychosocial

    Around one to two years I began pretend play with my sister. We would open the large bags of (clean) diapers and throw them in the air in a game we called "diaper snow."
  • The first two years - Psychosocial and Cognitive

    Despite knowing basic language, I learned that I could get what I wanted by simply pointing and making a sound. Language development slowed until my parents caught on.
  • The play years - Biosocial and Cognitive

    I begin to potty train and catch on fast because I see that my sister is potty trained.
  • The play years - Psychosocial and Cognitive

    After potty training, I am enrolled in preschool at 3 years old. My mother practices remembering my address and phone number in the car before school begins. I meet my first friend Bobby and play with him in school and on play dates.
  • The play years - Cognitive

    I tell my mom that I am tired of velcro shoes and want laced shoes. With the help of my mom I learn to tie my shoes.
  • The play years - psychosocial and biosocial

    I begin playing sports like soccer and baseball on teams with my friends from kindergarden and church. I become very competitive and have a hard time dealing with losing.
  • The play years - Biosocial and psychosocial (competitive nature)

    In my competitive nature, I see my sister learning to ride a bike on two wheels. I express this to my mom and she takes me out to learn to ride without training wheels. I hop on my bike and ride away before my mom can help me.
  • The school years - Psychosocial

    I make friends in grade school. I begin having sleep overs with them and have my first one at my friend Billy's eighth birthday.
  • The school years - Cognitive

    I enjoy school, particularly math, science, and history. I enter the science fair with an exhibit on the solar system and make a model of the planets.
  • The school years - Biosocial and psychosocial

    I begin to "rough house" with friends and realize that I am stronger than some. I continue to develop a close bond with my sister and we help each other with homework and play together. I get in trouble at school for fighting a boy that was picking on my sister.
  • The school years - Cognitive

    I enroll many summers in the library reading program. I spend hours reading and doing workbooks on math and writing during the summer months.
  • Adolescence - Biosocial

    Around this time, the signs of puberty began to emerge and taking place over the next several years. My voice became lower, I became unbalanced in my personality, and self-esteem was generally low.
  • Adolescence - Cognitive

    In the transition from elementary school to middle school, I became less motivated to do well in school. While I still performed adequately, I did not have the drive. I learned that I enjoyed math and history but was quickly discouraged and lost the interest due to a change in teaching styles from elementary to middle school.
  • Adolescence - Psychosocial

    Upon entering middle school, I was exposed to many more and very different people. I remember making new friends, but I generally kept most of the friends I had in elementary school. I also remember beginning to become nervous around girls and developing my first "crushes."
  • Emerging Adulthood - Biosocial

    Now in highschool, I was finally nearly done with puberty. I had grown and continued to grow taller and began to play sports such as track and cross-country.
  • Emerging Adulthood - Psychosocial

    Around the time of my sophomore year in high school, I began to establish many different circles of friends. I commonly had girlfriends and spent a lot of time with my peers. This is also aroung the time I began my stretch with alcohol and drug abuse. Many of the friends I was close with also began this. At the time, we saw this as "cool" and "fun" but it quickly spiraled out of control.
  • Emerging Adulthood - Biosocial

    Several years after beginning the use of drugs and alcohol, I was continuously caught by my parents and peers drinking during school hours and high. I was eventually admitted to an initial in-patient rehab program for opoid and anti-anxiety addiction and upon completion, I was enrolled in an out-patient program. I consider this period of my life the single most influential time that made me the person that I am today.
  • Emerging Adolescence - Cognitive

    Upon completing rehab, becoming clean, I acquired a new outlook on my life. I began to rediscover my love for school and learning and I began to excel in school. My grades were at an all time high and I decided that I wanted to become a firefighter/paramedic when I graduated highschool.
  • Adulthood - Cognitive

    Currently, I am pursuing a different career than my earlier self wanted. Despite completing both the fire and paramedic programs at Schoolcraft and being certified, I have decided to pursue a career as either a Physician or a Physician Assistant. I continue to do well in school, maintaining a near perfect GPA and working hard in my studies. In the years to come, I hope to see myself accepted in Wayne State's Med school or P.A. program, possibly a surgical specialty.
  • Adulthood - Psychosocial

    As of now, my circle of friends remains limited to those close to me and classmates with similar fields of study. I am in a long-term relationship and plan to be married in a couple years. My family is and will remain a priority in my life.
  • Adulthood - Biosocial

    In the past year, I have been taking focus on the biosocial aspects of my life. I am training to run a marathon, and have recently begun mountain biking. I hope to continue being healthy and exercising all through my adulthood.
  • Adulthood - Cognitive

    At this point, I hope to be done with medical school and residency and beginning my career as a physician in the E.R. or as a surgical P.A.
  • Adulthood - Psychosocial

    At the time of completing my schooling, I hope to have children with my wife, if I do not already.
  • Late Adulthood - Biosocial and Cognitive

    After many years of practicing medicine, I hope to retire at 62 and live out my retirement in my future house on lake michigan. I hope to continue to volunteer my time and keep my mind sharp by doing this and possibly take up hobbies like golf.
  • Late Adulthood - Psychosocial

    Along with retiring, I hope to see my children graduating college or be successful in whatever they decide to do in their future careers.
  • Death

    Although I do not know when my death will be, I hope to die quickly and before any diseases like Alzheimer's sets in. Possibly in my sleep or doing something like skydiving.