Lifespan Development (Ryan Walker)

By rcwalkz
  • Baby Babble (Biosocial)

    I begin to mumble and babble my first "gibber" words.
  • Hide 'n Seek (Cognitive)

    I recognize difference between mom being there or not being there when she hides behind a blanket.
  • Trust vs. Mistrust (Psychosocial)

    I begin to cry when placed in the hands of my grandfather from my mother's side. I desire comfort and care from my own biological parents as opposed to any other.
  • Mini League Baseball (Biosocial)

    First "mini-homerun" in baseball. I understand that I must run base to base and return home when I hit the ball.
  • Buy Gizmo (Cognitive)

    Gizmo, our cat, is bought. I recognize Gizmo is a cat, and therefore cats are animals.
  • Best Friend (Psychosocial)

    My mother alongside my friend's mother, whom is still my best friend up until this current day, recognize our friendship and how we will not play with anyone else besides each other & girl's have "cooties."
  • September 11 (Biosocial)

    Twin towers fall. I understand danger behind such attack and how such attack can effect others, including myself. My mother's friend was a victim of the attack and I mentally comprehend how this affects my mother when I recognize her crying.
  • Problem Solving (cognitive)

    Math comes naturally to me. My biggest complication was division. I could not understand that, for example, 8 divided by 4 is 2 because technically division is the opposite of multiplication in which it takes 2x4 to get 8 of the original. This is the way my mother explained it to me.
  • Track vs. Baseball (Biosocial)

    I understand my abilities in baseball because I was on a little league team but when I am introduced into track I fault in my abilities. I remember having feelings of inferiority because I was not as "good" as the other kids.
  • Death

    I believe that with today's standards of medicine and health that I should live to around 90 or so years old if not longer. This is in correlation that I will remain relatively healthy up until stated point in life. No individual can ultimately predict their own death so this is my mere estimation.