Life's Finest Moments For Tessa Snyder

By TSnyder
  • The Arriving Of Tessa Ann Snyder

    The Arriving Of Tessa Ann Snyder
    I wasn't born with the name Tessa I picked the name Tessa when I was five years old in an elevator in St.Louis, I was born at Mercy hospital at 5:55 weighing 5lbs and 15ozs
  • My 5th Birthday/ First birthday party

    My 5th Birthday/ First birthday party
    I had my first real birthday party when i was five and it was the best i had a winnie the poo cake with little figurians on the cake and the reason why this was my first birthday was because my mom and dad couldn't affrod a birthday party.
  • Adoption Day

    Adoption Day
    My brother and I were adopted june 3rd by steve and lois snyder, when i got adopted it was a long day, i remember moving back and fourth
  • My new best friend

    My new best friend
    This was the day i first meet Katie Vandooren, we have alot in common she is krazy and has problems just like me but i like her because she's herself and no one could ever change her
  • My best christmas ever

    My best christmas ever
    I remember when my brother and i got matching motorized scooters for christmas it was so much fun, we got to learn how to work them that day and i also got roller blades wich sadly dont fit anymore.
  • Dance!

    I made the prairie high school junior varsity dance team, i am still shocked that i made it! but i knew i could do it with hard work and courage, and being myself.
  • Looking Back

    Looking Back
    The other night we were going through my brother and i's scrapbook and looked at stuff we did with our social worker..