Life Timeline Psych 229

By al411
  • Birth

    Born on February 25, 1988 to John and Jackie Gasorski
  • First Steps

  • Birth of Sibling

    Birth of brother Scott Gasorski
  • First Words

    Spoke first words
  • Learning Difficulties

    At the age of four I was taken to get tested because my parents believed I may have some learning difficulties. My brother was already forming sentences and I was having trouble with words.
  • First Day of Kindergarden

    First day of kindergarden for me.
  • Tutoring

    Started to have difficulties reading and was put in tutoring for 5 years to help.
  • Parents separated

    Parents separated for 9 months.
  • Parents got back together

  • Parents divorced

  • Diagnosed with diabetes

    Diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 14
  • First day of high school

  • Drivers license and first car

  • First boyfriend

  • Adolescence-Graduation (Cognitive)

    Graduated from high school
  • Adolescence-Moved out of Parents house (Biosocial)

    A few days after I graduated high school I was ready to be on my own and had my own apartment at the age of 18.
  • Adolescence-New Job and College (Cognitive)

    I started my first job in healthcare as a home health aide, and also started at Schoolcraft College.
  • Early Adulthood-Started nursing school (cognitive)

  • Early Adulthood-Graduation (cognitive)

    Graduated my Schoolcraft College with my nursing degree.
  • Early Adulthood-Almost moved out of state. (Biosocial)

    Dated a guy that was living out of state and I almost moved there. Glad I didn't!
  • Early Adulthoood-Death of Father (Psychosocial)

  • Early Adulthood-Bought my first home (Psychosocial)

    After looking for four months I finally found the house of my dreams! Signed a 30 year mortgage along with it, of course.
  • Early Adulthood-Bachelor Degree (cognitive)

    In winter 2014 I hope to start my bachelor degree for nursing at Oakland University.
  • Adulthood-Marriage (Pyschosocial)

  • Early Adulthood-Graduating with Nurse Practioner Mastors Degree (Cognitive)

    My goal is to be a nurse practioner by the time I am 30.
  • Adulthood-Marriage/Kids (Psychosocial)

    Hope to married and have children by this time.
  • Adulthood-Daughter graduates high school (Psychosocial)

  • Adulthood-Daughter is married (Biosocial)

  • Adulthood-First grandchild (Biosocial)

  • Late Adulthood-Retirement (Psychosocial)

  • Late Adulthood-50 Year Anniversary (Psychoscial

  • Long and Happy Life

    I hope to live many happy years full of life, healthy and happiness.