life spand

  • Date of birth

    i was born Apirl 3 1996. chicago In ravinwood. And after my mom came out of the hospital with me and we moved to crystal lake.
  • I moved from Chicago to crystal lake

    When i was a few days old i moved from Chicago to Crystal lake.
  • School

    I went to a school Called prarie grove elementry. and i was there till i moved in 6th grade.
  • Skokie

    I moved from Crystal Lake to Skokie IL. And i have bin here ever since
  • Fresman Year

    For fresman year i hope to get good grades. I hope that i will do good in school and that i will be in high classes in the futer
  • sophmore year

    sophmore year
    In sophmore year i hope that i will make varsity in gymnastics. And that i geat good greads
  • JR. Year

    JR. Year
    In JR. Year. I will take classes that will help me in the medical filed. And still carry on my Gymnastics.
  • Last year of high School

    Last year of high School
    For my last year of High School i hope that i will make state in Gymnastics or make Olympics gymnastics or i hope to have good grades and get into a good college so i can continue my medical degree and be a Sergent.
  • After high School

    After high School
    After High school i am going to go to medical school for my degree so i can be a Sergent or any thing in the medical filed or i can take my gymnastics carer and make It big :)
  • Young Adulthood

    Young Adulthood
    I plan on getting Married around 25 and have at least 3 kids and still go on with my doctor stuff
  • Middle Age Adulthood

    Middle Age Adulthood
    I plan on being a good surgent and make it big in life I hope to be a Gymnastics cotch. i also plan on teaching kids that have specel needs in gymnastics.
  • Retirement (65-death)

    Retirement (65-death)
    i pIan on retiring at the age of 70 or 75 and have a nice life from there. And i hope that i will get a chance to see my kids kids grow up. I also plan on helping even tho i am retierd.