Life Span Timeline

  • Birth of Anna Sguros

    I was born on a blizzardy day in 1997 in a Chicago hospital.
  • Period: to

    Anna Sguros

  • Early Childhood

    I grew up in a small suburban town called Lincolnwood and attended the town preschool and elementary school
  • Early Childhood/ Interests

    I was active and interested in art and interested in cuisine
  • Early Childhood/Accomplishments

    Graduated Elementary and Middle School with honors and still aspiring to become a chef and to be involved in the culinary arts.
  • HighSchool- Freshman Year

    In my freshman at attending Niles West, I try to excel as much as I can and learn about business and technology so I can learn how to run my own business and understand the corporate world more.
  • Sophomore Year

    I get more involved in school actiivities and excel as much as I can. By excel I mean. I want to get through it without failing a class. I also want to get involved in things that would look good on a college resume
  • Junior Year

    In my junior year attending Niles West Highschool
  • Senior Year

    I graduate Niles West Highschool with some honors and pursue to get into a prestigious college to study culinary arts.
  • Post High School

    I travel to different countries to learn and experience culture and different types of food
  • Post Highschool

    I use what I learned in those countries and trips to excel in my studies
  • Post Highschool

    I will continue to attend college while I work in a restaurant so I can have steady income and still become edecuated.
  • Young Adult Hood

    By this time I would want to graduate kendall college wit honors and having enough experience to hold a steady job.
  • Post High School

    I apply and get into Kendall college as a freshman and study culinary arts
  • Young Adult Hood

    I take culinary classes in France or Japan to build on my knowledge of cuisine and culture and to build connections with other restaurants.
  • Young Adult Hood

    With the knowledge I have learned from those countries, I begin to plan and aspire to open up my own restaurant with a partner or two.
  • Young Adult Hood

    Eventually open up my own restuarant with the goal of being sucessful.
  • Middle Aged Adult Hood

    By this time I would want to own several sucessful fusion cuisine restaurants.
  • Middle Aged Adult Hood

    By this time I want to live in a city, preferably New York.
  • Middle Aged Adult Hood

    By this time I would want to be able to have traveled almost all countries in Asia and Europe
  • Middle Aged Adult Hood

    Middle Aged Adult Hood
    By this time I would want to write and publish my own cook book with recipes that I've learned throughout my travels.
  • Retirement

    At this time, I would want my restaurants to be feautured in luxury hotels. Also, I would want to expand the number of how many restaurants I own. But also by this time I would want to retire but still have control over my businesses.
  • Retirement

    By this time I would want to donate to various charities.
  • Retirement

    For the last years of my life, I would want to live in Tokyo because Japan has always been one of my favorite places.
  • Retirement-Death

    When I die, I want to go knowing that I have achieved something and that my life has been sucessful and meaningful.