Life Span Time Line

  • My Estimated Conception

    My Estimated Conception
  • Period: to

    The Prenatal Years and Development

  • Prenatal Vitamins

    My mom did take prenatal vitamins religiously.
  • My Birth Details

    My Birth Details
    I was born at 6:59 AM at St. Mary's Hospital in Livonia MI. I weighed 7lbs 11 oz.
  • Period: to

    My First Two Years

  • BioSocial Event - Breastfeeding

    BioSocial Event - Breastfeeding
    My mom did not breastfeed me after I was born. It wasn't something that she felt comfortable with.
  • Cognitive Event - Co-Sleep

    Cognitive Event - Co-Sleep
    AKA "bed-sharing" my parents did do this when I was born and it was more my father's wanting then my mother's. My dad felt that I would be safer with him instead of my crib for the time being. But when we got older to toddlers and until about 6 years old, my sister and I would wake up and sleep at the bottom of the bed in our parents room.
  • Psychosocial Event - Seperation Anxiety

    I suffered from major seperation anxiety from my mother when left anywhere, a relative, day care or friend, I would cry. My mom said that I stopped this stage until I got to about five years old and I entered Kindergarden at a private school. After the first couple of days, my anxiety started to fade with teachers help of inviting me into the classroom.
  • Period: to

    Will only eat grilled cheese!

    For the longest time all I wanted to eat was grilled cheese sandwiches with french fries and ketchup
  • New Addition

    New Addition
    My sister, Stephanie, was born
  • Family Dinners

    Family Dinners
    My parents alway set a ritual to have family dinners everynight.
  • Left or Right Handed

    I was a right handed child
  • Schooling

    My parents enrolled me into a private Catholic school in Redford Michigan. I really enjoyed the schooling and having religious classes.
  • Activites

    I was a very active child. I was outside all the time playing with the neighborhood children. My parents took my sister and I camping around the country. We were always busy learning and experiencing new things.
  • Injuries

    I never suffered from a broken arm or leg. I would occasionally roll my ankles but I never required any medical attention to my injuries. I was catious and not very wild with my actions. Nor did I suffer any abuse except for the occasional slap on the bottom.
  • New Addition

    New Addition
    My sister Allison is born!
  • Leadership

    Around 7th grade, I was a follower not a leader. I was shy, soft-spoke and went with the crowd.
  • Hardship

    I started to get mad fun of in middle school. I started to count down the days when I would be able to start at John Glenn high school where no one knew me.
  • HIgh School

    HIgh School
    I was very happy and excited to start John Glenn high school. I felt like it would be a new beginning for me and it did end up becoming one.
  • Cross Country

    Cross Country
    I started to run cross country in high school and made many friends through the sport. Even though I wasn't the best, being part of a team with supportive people really made me feel welcome.
  • Drama

    Entered drama class and becoming more of an outgoing person. I was in two high school plays, nothing huge but was still fun to do.
  • Divorce

    My parents finalized their divorce. It was a very difficult thing to experience since our family was, I thought, so close. Like I had mentioned before, we travelled a lot and did a lot of activities together.
  • Remarried

    My mom became remarried to my stepfather whom I didn't like at the time. She had Brianna already, my half sister, I was still very upset over my parents divorce.
  • New Addition

    New Addition
    My half sister, Brianna is born.
  • New Addition

    New Addition
    My son Caden is born. The happiest day of my life to date.
  • New Addition

    New Addition
    My son Caden is born.
  • Death

    My mother passed away from a long hard fight of cancer. The most devasting day of my life.
  • Predicted Date of Death