Life of Nicole S

By Nicabob
  • I was born.

    I was born at 5:02 am in Waukesha, WI at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. I was 7lbs 2 oz.
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • 1st Thanksgiving

  • 1st Christmas

  • 1st New Years/Y2K

  • 1st Valentines Day

  • 1st Halloween

  • 1st Birthday

  • 9/11 Terrorist Attack

  • 2nd Birthday

  • Started Preschool in Hartland

  • 3rd Birthday

  • 4th Birthday

  • 5th Birthday

  • Started Kindergarten

    Teacher: Ms. Zeurcher
    Class: Whole Day
  • 6th Birthday

  • Diagnosed with Anxiety

  • Summer

  • Summer

  • 1st Grade

    Teacher: Mrs. LaBlanc
  • 7th Birthday

  • Anxiety Turned Severe

  • Stomach Flu that Triggered Everything

  • Summer

  • 2nd Grade

    Teacher: Mrs. Walworth
  • 8th Birthday

  • Summer

  • Summer that Anxiety went Away

  • 3rd Grade

    Great Year
    Teachers: Mrs. Geldnich and Mrs. Deurwachter.
  • 9th Birthday

  • 4th Grade

    Teacher: Miss. Bakula
  • 10th Birthday

  • Summer

  • 5th Grade

  • Parents Left for France and Anxiety Returned

  • 11th Birthday

  • Summer

  • 6th Grade

    Teacher: Mr. Finn
    Relationships: Kyle and I broke up in late November we dated for a year and a half. Patrick and I started dating in December, broke up in April.
  • 12th Birthday

  • Went to Roger's Memorial Hospital the 1st time.

    Couldn't eat, I was put in the eating disorder unit for 3 and 1/2 weeks. Mostly for anxiety, but I had been bullied about being fat even though I never was. I was 12 and I was 67 lbs. I started cutting myself and thinking about suicide. I was strong and got through.
  • Went to Roger's the Second Time

    Couldn't keep any food down. Anxiety was awful. Throwing up almost every morning. Cutting/scratching a lot. Suicide was what i wanted. I thought that it was my only way out of all of my pain. tRoger's was much worse this time. They made me eat things I didn't like and never had. I was exposed to my deepest fear. Cutting was almost non-stop.
  • Recovered

  • Summer

  • 7th grade

    Started in Academy 21 Teachers: Mr. Johnson and Mr. Roehl. Planning on leaving soon.
  • 13th Birthday

  • Present Day

    I am happy and healthy. I am very strong. My journey has been tough, but I made it. I still have bad anxiety, I have urges to cut and have developed intrusive thoughts.