Life journey by shikaz

Life is a Journey.

  • The Birth of Sharon Sia

    The Birth of Sharon Sia
    I was born on April 11th, 2011 at Scarborough Grace Hospital at 12:10am, I was born shortly after my mother's birthday (April 10).
  • Period: to

    Life is a Journey

    There are ups, downs, happy moments, sad moments, transitions and change. Life is a journey.
  • Kindergarten

    The change from being at home to kindergarten is memorable. When I first realized I was going to spend a day in a strange building with strange people instead of being at home, I hated it. Every morning, I would cry when my parents dropped me off and when they would come back to pick me up I would cry also. Every kid will have to experience being away from their parents, but it makes an individual experience new environments.
  • Taekwondo

    Around the age of 6, I attended Luke's Taekwondo. I leanred to kick, punch, and defend my self. I guess this is the first experience where I realized I was a visual learner becuase I learned quickly when I saw my instructors demonstrate what I was suppose to do.
  • Trip to Disney World

    Trip to Disney World
    My first trip to Disney World left me great memories as a kid. Disney World is like heaven for a kid, everything in there is magical! I remember feeling extremely happy when I rode on rides and met the princesses. I adore the castle at Magic Kingdom. I will forever remember this trip!
  • Trip to London and Paris

    Trip to London and Paris
    I went to London to primarily visit my second cousins, but as a family we also went to many places like Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace. I also took the train to Paris, but I didn't really like it becasue the people were very rude. Overall, I enjoyed traveling London and Paris because I got to experience the culture over there.
  • Central Park Public School

    Central Park Public School
    In grade 7, I moved from a private school to a public school. It was a big change in my life because everything was different (people, teachers, building, work and marks). This transition taught me to adapt to change all the time becasue change always happens.
  • Grade 8 Graduation

    Grade 8 Graduation
    When I graduated from elementary school, I felt successful. Graduating to me means that I've worked hard enough and I've successfully completed a course of study. In elementary school, I've faced alot of ups and downs but I'm glad I made it!
  • High School

    High School
    The transition from elementary school to high school was quite big. I moved from being the biggest fish in the pond to the smallest fish. I didn't know anyone and no one knew me. You had to start from scratch, but eventually I made new friends, adjusted to the system, and became more independant and responsible.
  • Daycamp Volunteer

    Daycamp Volunteer
    I volunteered at my church's daycamp as a craft teacher. Daycamp had it's stressful times and fun times, but I loved interacting with the kids. I like to socialize, thus making me realize that my future careermust include socializing!
  • Parents

    My parents have been the biggest influences in my life because I know they've been there for me since day one and they know what is best for me, but not everyhting they say is the best sometimes. I trust my parents and I have great respect for them. They make me look at things in different perspectives. I'm glad I have two fabulous parents.
  • My Sweet Sixteen

    My Sweet Sixteen
    I celebrated my sixteenth birthday with friends and family. I didn't do anything big, I had a few small parties. It was an amazing week filled with fun, laughter, and joy. Turning 16 is a big stpping stone because it is the age where you can start to learn how to drive. Driving is a big responsibility. Being 16 makes me realize that I am becoming more mature and having more repsonsibilities.
  • ?

    I have no idea what career path I want to take. I have no clue what I want to do. I am researching different careers out there and Iooking around my community to see the different jobs. I know that everything will work out and change happens all the time!
  • My School Average

    My School Average
    My goal by the end of this semester is to at least achieve an 84% or higher average. I know I can do this if I continue not to procrastinate and do my homework daily. By achieving this avergae, I can aim higher for future averages.
  • My "20" Goal

    My "20" Goal
    By 20, I would like to go on a missions trip either outside of Canada or even in Canada. I want to help people that are in need and not get paid for doing it. Helping people in need opens your eyes to different aspects of how our world is not a pleasant place for everyone to be in. I would like to impact an individual and be part of a change to someone's life. I don't know what specific trip I want to go to, but I want to volunteer at a missions trip by the time I reach 20.