By Primas

    I was born in a hosptal called "Bumrungrad". My mom said the whole family was there to congratuate us. My mom said I suprised the doctor because i didn't criedwhen I took a shot! I like to go there. And I still go there today.
  • 2 hijacked airplanes crashed into the World Wide trading center

    2 hijacked airplanes crashed into the World Wide trading center
    Too bad there are so many CRUEL people in this world.I feel really bad for the people who died. Like pretend 1 second they feel happy because bussiness is booming but then 1 sec they're dead! I wish the world was happier. Don't you think so?

    We had a very big house with a swiming pool. But one day a monkey came and swam in our swimming pool. This is true!. it also sits on our sundeck!! It was so smart,it won't fall for our traps!
  • Iraq War Begins

    Iraq War Begins
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what to write! I am so not a fan of death and violence! Why do people always fight? Listen to Albert Enstien for once!

    I can't remember anything since I was a baby and didn't note what my life is about. I think I remember living in a condo. A good one too. My nanny said we were stuck in an elevator because it broke. She said she was pressing the button screaming HELP ME !!!! HELP!!!!!
  • When I DECIDE that I WANT to be a SINGER

    When I DECIDE that I WANT to be a SINGER
    I was walking down the stairs daydreaming. When I thought about being a singer. Famous singers like Lea Salonga could earn a month's worth pay just by singing! I also liked to sing and stop worring about my future. So I decide to be a singer.
  • PEAK is BORN

    PEAK is BORN
    I remember seeing my mom in the hospital. My mom said that It really hurts when you deliver a baby. I started not liking her since before she was born! I admit I am jealous. But I can't help it!
  • Moving day

    Moving day
    We had to move to a new house that day. I was really upset! I loved our house. I loved our life there. Oh, why did we moved?

    On my first concert, I was only 4 years old! I was soo scared! I missed the first part but I got in on the chorus. The song I sang was "Yesterday Once More". I didn't want to get off the stage when I was done.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    Wow, I am just sooo glad I'm not in it. It would have been the worst experience ever! In fact, I would have died first! I hope everyone had at least a day warning! What a scary thing!

    Do you have an iphone? I want one sooooooooooooooooooooo much! But my parents think I'm not responsible enough. And I'm 10 years old! My friends have iphones or blackberry and they are ten years old too.

    Move. AGAIN? Aw well, life is tough now that I'm getting older and there is bullying. I just hope everything turns out OK. I hope.

    Yay! I have my OWN pet!! It's a hermit crab,
    I named it Star light! It's REAL stubborn so I gotta be careful! It's also got BIG pinchers.
  • My family prepares for hurricane Ike

    My family prepares for hurricane Ike
    It was very scary there was no electricity and I couldn't sleep! There was a terrible storm. My parents drove to have a lookout and discovered that a tree had broke on the road! Man, it was hard trying to use candles all the time. It was an awful experiece!

    OK I am sick of moving!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everytime I'm actually making real friends, we move! But I still have to understand that my dad's job includes moving. And still. Well I guess I'll have to bear it.
  • Death of Michael Jackson

    Death of Michael Jackson
    I think Michael Jackson has a voice like an angel! The first time I heard his voice, I thought he was a girl! Too bad he's dead now. If I become a singer when I grow up, I'll never overdose my medecine! Just the thouhgt makes me scared!
  • The day I enter RIS

    Today is the day I am going to a new school called RIS. My head is popping with questions! What if they don't like me? What if they think I'm stupid? Oh My God!!! I have to calm down!!
  • Earthquake in Haiti

    I feel bad for the people who was home less. So I donate cash. I've never been in an earth quake before,but it sounds scary!
  • Mochi and Ruby

    Mochi and Ruby
    I first had a bunny named Yuki. But then it died so I got her sisters and I named them Mochi and Ruby. Mochi sometimes has a very bad mood but Ruby is always on the move. She always runs around and acts like a crazy rabbit. But I love them anyways.

    OMG! OMG! OMG! I am soo nervous!!! I am about to sing in the biggest concert of my life!! I've been waiting for 10 hours! But I'm still nervous!!