• Lebanon becomes Great Lebanon

    France granted mandate for Lebanon and Syria to join the League of nations. Became the great state of Lebanon
  • Declares indedendence

    Lebabnon proclaims independence from France through
  • French give Lebanon full independence

    Known as Lenanon's independence day
  • Lebanon has complete independence

  • Isreal declares itslef a state

    Lebanon houses refugees from Palestine
  • Palestines in Lebanon attack Israel

    Israel wants retaliation
  • Period: to

    Fighting breaks out between Palestine and Lebanon

    Lebanese threats to curb Palestine freedom in Lebanon
  • Period: to

    Civil War

    Christians, Muslims and Palestines engage in civil war
  • Syrian troops enter Lebanon to help fight in war

  • First Israel attack on PLO in Lebanon

  • Second Israel Invasion

    Peacekeeping force and USA arrive in Beirut
  • American and French soldiers killed

    A truck full of exploasives drove into their compound
  • Israel withdraws from Lebanon

    Establishes zone in South
  • Civil War declared over

    Lebanon with help from Syria gets control over its country
  • Israel leaves South and UN wants to increase troops in Lebanon

  • Syria withdraws troops from Beirut

    20,000 troops remain in countryside
  • Syria insists that president Lahoud remain in office for a 6-year term

    The Lebanese government allows President Lahoud to remain in office for 3 more years.
  • Lebanon asks Syria if they can remove the troops in Lebanon

    they remove only 3,000
  • Prime Minister Rafik Hariri resigns

  • Rafik Hariri is assasinated

    syrian Prime Minister resignes
  • Omar Karami resignes

    Syria withdraws all of its troops
  • Period: to

    Fouad Siniora wins the seat of Prime Minister

  • The commander of Lebanon's Republican Guard, the former head of general security, the former chief of Lebanon's police, and the former military intelligence officer are indicted for the February assassination.

  • UN releases information concerning the death the the former Lebanese Prime Minister

  • Israel and Lebanon go to war

    Israel bombs the Lebanese airport
  • UN negotiates peace between Lebanon and Israel

  • Pierre Gemayel is assassinated

    the fifth anti-Syrian leader to be killed since the death of Rafik Hariri.
  • anti-government, pro-Hezbollah demonstrations

  • Lebanon releases a scathing report, saying Israeli prime minister Olmert was responsible for "a severe failure in exercising judgment, responsibility, and prudence."

  • Walid Eido is killed in a bombing in Beirut