Lauren's Timeline

By lmozak
  • The first two years: Biosocial Event

    weight: 8lbs, 3oz. By two years old, I weighed 32lbs. I averaged around 16 hours a sleep per day during my first few months of life.My parents showed me a lot of love through talking to me and showing a great amount of affection. My hearing as an infant was never very good. My parents said that they often worried about me possibly being deaf. My taste, smell, touch, and sight all seemed to be normal.
  • Period: to

    Prenatal Development & Birth

  • First Two Years: Cognitive

    Started sucking my thumb and was attached to my blanket.
    When I was around one year old, I spoke my first word "mama".
  • First Two Years: Psychosocial

    I was afraid of everyone, especially men.
    I could not leave my mom's sight. She had to be in the room or I had to hear her voice or I would cry.
    I was never put in a daycare, my mom, dad, or grandparents were the only people were able to watch me.
  • Play Years: Biosocial Development

    I played outdoors a lot!! Of course, this means that I ate a lot as well. My favorite foods were grilled cheese sandwitches and mac and cheese.
    I found out that I loved all types of crafts. I loved painting and cutting paper. I especially loved finger painting.
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    Play Years

  • Play Years: Cognitive Development

    My vocabulary seemed to grow rapidly.
    I seemed to be able to say sentences with a basic understanding of grammar.
    I was enrolled in pre-preschool where I was able to paint, speek, and interact with other children freely.
  • Play Years: Psychosocial Development

    I started to develop strong emotions
    I had a tendency to bite other kids, so I was often times in a time out
    My parents punished me by putting me in a corner
    I loved to play dress up
    I was enrolled in a regulay preschool
  • Period: to

    School Years: Biosocial

  • My sisters birth:)

    My twin sisters were born:)
  • School Years: Biosocial

    I started kindergarden
    My parents made sure that I got an adequate amount of exercise and ate healthy
    I started to notice that there were kids in my classes that seemed to be different than I. I learned that there was such thing as autism.
  • School Years: Cognitive

    I started to take a great interest in my peers and teachers
    I started to play "School" in my downstairs play room because I wanted to be just like my teachers
    I really enjoyes school
  • School Years: Psychosocial

    My mom was my greatest influence
    I had a group of friens who were very loyal to one another
    My best friends mom was diagnosed with cancer and I felt that I did the most amount of growing up during this year.
  • Biosocial Development

    When I was 12 years old, I started my period.
  • Period: to


  • Cancer

    My best friend's mom was diagnosed with cancer and was told that she had three months to live.
  • Biosocial Development

    When I was thirteen years old I began to feel very self concious about my body, hair, teeth, skin, and clothing.
  • Biosocial Development

    At the age of 14, I started to gain an intrest in boys. I always had boys as my friends but I started to feel a stronger attraction twords them.
  • Cognitive Development

    At the age of 15, it seemed like I always had a strong feeling that I was constnatly being watched. I felt that people were always looking at me and judging my every move.
  • Cognitive Development

    When I was 16 years old I started to see a drastic increase of violence in my high school. My friends and I joined a club that worked in efforts to end bullying.
  • Psychosocial Development

    At the age of 17, I went through a state which I now can identify as identity diffusion. During this year of my life, I slept a lot and I lost a lot of my friends. I did not feel a need to make any effort in being with my friends.
  • Psychosocial Development

    The fall of 2009 my mom and I had a really hard time getting along. We seemed to only bicker and never really have a real conversastion. This went on for a few months.
  • Biosocial Development

    When I was 18, relationships that I had with my family, friends, and boyfriend really took a huge toll on me and I had to deal with a lot of emotional stress.
  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood

  • Cognitive Developmen

    I became a student at Madonna University. I felt a huge sense of achievement upon finding out I had been excepted into the school.
  • Biosocial Development

    Over Christmas break, I talked to a lot of my friends who went away to college back in September, quite a few of them seemed to be battling some sort of eating disorder.
  • Psychosocial Development

    I started to feel that having my family and friends close to me is one of the most important aspect of my life.
  • Period: to


  • Biosocial Development

    I hope to be married by the age of 30. I also hope that I have not developed any sort of bad habits. I hope to have no addictions to tobacco and hope to have healty eating and exercise habits.
  • Cognitive Development

    I hope that all the work I completed in school enables me to turn out to be a very intelligent person. My hope is to be a sucessful Nurse Anesthetist at the University of Michigan Hospitial.
  • Psychosocial Development

    I hope that I still have a very close relationship with my family and friends. I also hope that the carrer that I end up pursuing enables me to make enough money to support my family.
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

  • Biosocial Development

    I know that aging will take an immense toll on by body both physically and mentally. I hope that I age well bot on the inside and out. I hope that the healthy choices that I made throughout the previous years of my life pay off and allow me to live a few extra years.
  • Cognitive Development

    I hope to have no signs of dementia. I also hope to be retired before the age of 65!
  • Psychosocial Development

    I hope to remain happily married. I also hope that I will be understanding when it comes to allowing others to help me. I hope that I will not have to be put in an asssited living facility, but I do understand that I will not be able to do everything on my own and do need to accept help from others.
  • Period: to

    Death and Dying

    I hope to be laid to rest with a small funeral service with the people whom I knew and grew to love over the years. I hope that I am missed when I am gone, but am not grieved for too long. I hope that I will be able to look back on my life and be completely content with all the choices that I made.