Lauren Timeline

  • Hello Life

    Hello Life
    i was born to Shawn and Audrey Schuldt in Oak Lawn, IL.
  • What's the info?

    What's the info?
    i would like to take info tech because I would like to learn more about how to use a computer and my sister said that they make their own computer games which I think is really cool so that's why I want to take info tech.
  • Goodbye Prairie!! :(

    Goodbye Prairie!! :(
    Some goals i would like to achieve would be making new friends, be on the volleyball team, get better in math.
  • Freshy Fresh!!

    Freshy Fresh!!
    i am going to Alan B. Shepard High School. Go Astros!!!
  • Study!!!

    I hope to study more and hard to be a straight A student and really smart.
  • Volleyball

    I would like to make the volleyuball team at Shepard because volleyball is my favorite sport.
  • Run Lauren run!!

    Run Lauren run!!
    I would like to make the track team because I want to be a runner when I grow up.
  • what's my GPA?

    what's my GPA?
    i would like to have a 4.0 GPA at the end of my freshmen year.
  • End of the Fresh.

    End of the Fresh.
    My grades could affect my goals and achievments. Another thing woukd be deciding where to go or what would be the best thing for my future.
  • reading skills

    reading skills
    i like to improve on my reading skills so i can become a better reader.
  • College can start now, I'm here!!

    College can start now, I'm here!!
    I will be attending Illinois State University for college, and my career choice is a financial accoutant. I will need a bachelors degree & the average salary is $61,690.00 per year $29.66 per hour.
  • no more school

    no more school
    I hope to see my parents, sister, both grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and closest friends to be there when I graduate from college.
  • hello volleyball again!!!

    hello volleyball again!!!
    I hopethat I am still playing volleyball and have improved on my skills.
  • Vaca in Hawaii!!!

    Vaca in Hawaii!!!
    i hope that one day i will have a vacation in Hawaii before i die.
  • home sweet home!!

    home sweet home!!
    i hope to be living in a nice house that is medium size by this time when i have a job.
  • I'm Engaged!!

    I'm Engaged!!
    i hope to be engaged bt this time to a sweet and handsome guy.
  • The Big Day!!!

    The Big Day!!!
    i want to be married on August 25 because its my grandma's birthday. i will be married to my handsome husband.
  • Goodbye Life :(

    Goodbye Life :(
    I want to live to be 100 and then pass so that I can enjoy life.